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The U.S. is adding hurdles to the employment-visa application process, making it harder for businesses to hire foreign workers, including highly skilled applicants in the H-1B program.

In a blow to Merkel, negotiations to form a coalition government collapsed in Germany.

Zimbabwe's Mugabe defied expectations that he would announce his resignation in a live television address.

Moore is relying on evangelical Christians to keep his Senate campaign afloat in Alabama, after allegations of sexual misconduct.

House Minority Whip Hoyer began a series of trips to districts Democrats must carry if his party hopes to win back the majority.

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Sen. Collins listed concerns she had with the Republican tax bill, raising pressure on party leaders to make changes to secure passage.

Italy is struggling to integrate migrants, as 150,000 people have won refugee status and another 155,000 asylum applications are pending.

The White House declined a proposal to jointly announce Xi's plan to widen foreign firms' access to China's financial industry, reflecting a shift in the countries' relationship.

Hariri promised to return to Lebanon to explain his decision to resign as prime minister.

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November 20, 2017 02:47 ET (07:47 GMT)