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Dollar Falls as Asian Stocks Diverge

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Amid a lack of broad direction early Thursday for Asian equities markets, the dollar's decline was garnering investor attention ahead of the planned nomination of the next Federal Reserve chairman.

U.K. Probes Whether Backer of Brexit Campaign Breached Rules

Britain's electoral watchdog said it was investigating whether one of the key financial backers of the campaign to take the U.K. out of the European Union breached campaign-finance rules ahead of last year's referendum.

U.K.'s Internal Brexit Debate Stymied by Grim Choices

One of the alarming aspects of the British Brexit debate is the way that it keeps going around in circles, according to Europe File columnist Simon Nixon.

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Trump to Tap Jerome Powell as Next Fed Chairman

The White House has notified Federal Reserve governor Jerome Powell that President Donald Trump intends to nominate him as the next chairman of the central bank, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Powell's Candidacy Offers Continuity in Fed Policy

In Jerome Powell, Mr. Trump picked a Republican who has consistently supported Ms. Yellen on policy, although the Fed governor has made clear he wants to adjust postcrisis banking regulations.

Yellen's Exit as Fed Chief Would Mark Break From Recent Precedent

Janet Yellen's leadership at the Fed looks set to end after just one four-year term, the shortest tenure at the helm of the central bank in nearly four decades, and a break from recent precedent.

Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged, Cites 'Solid Rate' of Economic Growth

The Federal Reserve left short-term interest rates unchanged Wednesday, but signaled it would consider lifting them before year's end amid signs the economy is gaining momentum.

Parsing the Fed: How the November Statement Changed From September

See exactly how the statement from Fed policy makers changed.

House Republicans Rush to Release Tax Bill

A day after missing a self-imposed deadline, House GOP leaders pressed ahead to release a tax bill Thursday, despite the hesitation of some Republicans from high-tax states who could be crucial to the bill's passage.

Trump Signs Bill Scrapping Rule That Made It Easier to Sue Banks

President Donald Trump signed a bill repealing a regulation designed to make it easier for consumers to sue banks, handing the financial industry one of the biggest victories of his term.

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November 02, 2017 01:15 ET (05:15 GMT)