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Trump is planning to sign an executive order to initiate the unwinding of the ACA, paving the way for sweeping changes to health-insurance rules by allowing the sale of less-comprehensive health plans to expand.

Russia modified Kaspersky antivirus software to scan computers around the world for classified U.S. documents.

Trump picked cybersecurity expert Kirstjen Nielsen, the top aide to Kelly, to be the next Homeland Security secretary.

House lawmakers leading an election-meddling investigation plan to release Facebook ads bought by Russian groups.

U.S. trade officials are proposing a number of ways to water down Nafta, sparking a backlash as talks resume.

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California officials said firefighters had made little progress in containing blazes that have killed at least 23.

Spain's prime minister set a deadline for Catalonia's leader to clarify whether he declared independence.

The Boy Scouts will admit girls, a move that could help the organization counter dwindling membership.

The Navy secretary plans to unveil potentially far-reaching changes after collisions involving U.S. warships.

The Supreme Court weighed whether corporations can be sued under a statute allowing foreigners to file cases in U.S. courts alleging international-law violations.

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October 12, 2017 02:47 ET (06:47 GMT)