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OPEC's Efforts Pay Off: Oil Is Back in Bull Market

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U.S. oil prices returned to bull-market territory while the global benchmark hit a two-year high, as investors gained faith that OPEC will successfully shrink a global supply glut.

In India, a Big GE Deal Goes Off the Rails

General Electric Co. is in danger of losing one of its largest industrial contracts after a political shake-up in India, highlighting the risk of the conglomerate's chase to win business in far-flung markets by investing heavily in local operations.

Oil Prices Set to Return to Bull-Market Territory

Oil prices are poised to return to bull market territory Monday after a slow, laborious climb from their slide three months ago.

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GE Agrees to Sell Industrial Unit to ABB for $2.6 Billion

General Electric agreed to sell its industrial-solutions business to Switzerland's ABB in a $2.6 billion deal, a sign that GE's new chief is moving ahead with efforts to streamline the industrial giant.

Natural Gas Poised to Light Up in China

Gas usage by the world's largest energy consumer has lagged the U.S. and other big economies for years. That is about to change.

Iraqi Kurds Vote in Independence Referendum

Kurds began voting Monday in a landmark referendum on independence from Iraq, but risking backlash from Baghdad and the international community, who threaten to isolate and economically cripple the Kurds' semiautonomous region in response.

U.S.-Backed Forces Seize Syrian Gas Plant From Islamic State

U.S.-backed forces said they were advancing through eastern Syria after seizing a gas plant there from Islamic State, striking a blow to the terror group's dwindling finances, which rely heavily on its control of Syria's oil and gas fields.

Puerto Rico's Power Woes are Decades in the Making

As residents of Puerto Rico grapple with power outages across all of the island, the task of turning the lights back on falls to an electrical utility beset by rickety infrastructure, workforce reductions and deep financial woes.

Trade Decision Roils U.S. Solar Industry

Trade protection for U.S. solar panel makers could be a boon for the few domestic manufacturers left in the country, but a drag for the companies that install and sell solar systems to homeowners, businesses and utilities, which worry that it would lead to higher prices for consumers.

China to Cut Oil Exports to North Korea

China said it will reduce oil exports to North Korea in accordance with United Nations sanctions, squeezing an important source of economic support as Pyongyang pushes to build up its nuclear arsenal.

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September 26, 2017 04:15 ET (08:15 GMT)