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Tech Stocks Slide, Pressuring Nasdaq

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average drifted around the flatline, weighed down by declines in shares of technology companies.

Dudley Says Fed Will Continue to Press With Rate Increases as Economy Grows

Federal Reserve Bank of New York President William Dudley said Monday the U.S. central bank will continue to press forward with interest rate increases as the economy continues to grow.

ECB Monitors Euro Exchange Rate as It Prepares to Reduce Stimulus

The European Central Bank is monitoring the euro exchange rate as it prepares to announce plans to scale down its large monetary stimulus "later this year," ECB President Mario Draghi said.

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Economic Expansion Leaves Broad Swaths of U.S. Behind

The U.S. economic expansion is lifting a handful of vibrant communities to new heights but also leaving broad tracts of the country stagnant or sinking, according to a new report.

BOE Raises Alarm Over Growth of Consumer Borrowing in U.K.

Bank of England officials on Monday reiterated warnings about the rapid growth of household borrowing in the U.K.

Chicago Fed National Activity Index Falls in August

Economic activity across the U.S. decreased slightly in August, according to a report released Monday.

Brexit Talks Set to Resume With Officials Hopeful of Progress

British and EU negotiators were set to kick off a new round of Brexit talks, with European officials saying there were hopes for progress after being encouraged by a closely watched speech by U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May last week.

Brent Holds Gains as U.S. Crude Lags

Brent crude prices continued to march higher amid a growing market consensus that OPEC will likely extend its production-cut deal.

EU Says Greece's Finances Are Stabilized

European Union states decided on Monday to end disciplinary procedures against Greece over its excessive deficit, a sign of the progress the country has made in bringing order to its public finances.

Saudi Arabia Plans Another Bond Sale to Offset Falling Oil Revenue

The kingdom has been on a selling spree for more than a year to help plug a widening deficit and to bankroll and economic transformation.

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September 25, 2017 11:15 ET (15:15 GMT)