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McCain said he wouldn't support the latest GOP plan to undo large parts of the ACA, casting doubt on a path forward for the bill.

The Trump administration is preparing to replace its travel ban with more targeted restrictions.

U.S. disavowal of the Iran nuclear deal would weaken efforts to convince North Korea to abandon its own program, critics say.

Puerto Rican officials struggled to assess the full extent of the damage Hurricane Maria wrought.

May said the U.K. would honor its financial commitments to the EU's current budget and seek to retain trade terms for two years after a planned 2019 exit.

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An Iraqi man charged with last week's London bombing bought explosives-making materials online and had expressed hatred toward the U.K., prosecutors said.

A federal court in Massachusetts has struck down key elements of a local drone ordinance that had significantly restricted where residents could fly the devices.

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September 23, 2017 02:47 ET (06:47 GMT)