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Apple Unveils New iPhone X to Fend Off Growing Competition

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Apple's iPhone X, with a price starting at $999, has "Face ID" facial-recognition system and starts shipping Nov. 3.

Hack Puts Equifax at Risk of Pullback by Lenders

Banks and other financial companies are mulling the possibility of shifting some business away from Equifax in the wake of its data breach and to some of the firm's credit-reporting rivals, according to people familiar with the firms.

Big Banks Expect Another Tough Quarter for Trading Businesses

Bank executives are signaling another tough quarter for their trading businesses as quiet markets and skittish clients wreak havoc on one of Wall Street's core profit engines.

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Goldman's New Obsession: Adding $5 Billion in Revenue

After years of cutting, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is in growth mode, though big questions remain over the future of its debt-trading arm.

Senate Panel Likely to Ask Facebook to Detail Russian Activity During Election

The bipartisan leadership of the Senate Intelligence Committee said it is likely to call representatives from Facebook Inc. to Capitol Hill to publicly detail Russian activity on the company's platform during the 2016 election.

Centene Agrees to Buy Fidelis Care in $3.75 Billion Deal

Health insurer Centene Corp. is entering the New York market with a roughly $3.75 billion purchase of nonprofit health-insurance provider Fidelis Care.

U.K. Adds Another Obstacle to Fox's Pursuit of Sky

The U.K. government referred 21st Century Fox.' s proposal to consolidate ownership of Sky to British antitrust regulators and said it was likely to broaden that review to include Fox's commitment to the country's broadcasting standards.

TransUnion Ramps Up Response to Handle Equifax Data-Breach Fallout

TransUnion's finance chief said that the credit-reporting firm doesn't believe it was subjected to the same type of breach as at Equifax, but that the company has been hit by the resulting fallout.

Tesla's 'Autopilot' Shares Blame in Fatal Crash, U.S. Investigators Say

U.S. officials said Tesla's Autopilot feature contributed to a fatal crash last year, faulting the company's semiautonomous technology.

CEO's Fall Clouds Prospects for Fintech Firm SoFi

Mike Cagney's departure casts uncertainty over the upstart's business prospects, its bid to open a bank and plans for an eventual public offering.

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September 12, 2017 19:15 ET (23:15 GMT)