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WeWork Raises $500 Million for Asian Expansion

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WeWork Cos., a New York-based shared-office-space company, raised $500 million to expand operations in South Korea and Southeast Asia, the company announced Monday.

Commonwealth Bank Blames Coding Error for Alleged Breaches of Money-Laundering Law

Australia's largest bank has blamed a coding error for tens of thousands of instances of failing to report transactions through its ATMs and allegedly breaching money laundering and terrorism-financing laws.

Google's New Diversity Chief Criticizes Employee's Memo

Google's new diversity chief criticized the contents of an employee's memo that went viral inside the company for suggesting Google has fewer female engineers because men are better suited for the job.

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Behind the Push to Keep Higher-Priced EpiPen in Consumers' Hands

More than seven months after the introduction of a generic version of the allergy drug, the more expensive brand-name EpiPen still accounts for more than a quarter of the market. One reason is that a middleman can profit from the sale of such pricier medicines.

DraftKings, FanDuel Face First Test After Failed Merger

After a failed merger bid, daily fantasy-sports sites DraftKings and FanDuel are revamping services to retain new players. The coming National Football League season will put those efforts to the test.

Big Tobacco's Next Big Thing? Tobacco

Cigarette makers are working on their next act, as cigarette sales decline around the world and once-breakneck growth from the first wave of e-cigarettes fades.

Guggenheim Funds Are Worth the Price For Invesco

Invesco has enjoyed healthy inflows into its ETFs, though it remains far smaller than BlackRock and State Street. Guggenheim's funds would add scale, which is the main driver of profitability for asset managers.

Nissan Workers in Mississippi Vote Against Forming Union

Workers at a Nissan assembly plant in Mississippi have voted against forming a union, adding to decades of futility by United Auto Workers organizers at foreign-owned auto plants in the American South.

Hedge Fund Sees Opportunity in Commodities

London-based Arion Investment Management in planning to launch its first commodities hedge fund to trade base and precious metals in October.

Former MetLife Unit Brighthouse Has Tough Task: Selling Insurance

Brighthouse Financial, an insurance and annuities company spun off from MetLife, will begin trading Monday in a market that has seen ultralow interest rates for a decade.

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August 06, 2017 23:15 ET (03:15 GMT)