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Caterpillar Faces New Questions in Probe

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Federal investigators believe Caterpillar failed to submit numerous required export filings with the government in recent years, adding to questions facing the manufacturing giant, people familiar with the matter said.

U.S. Rescinds Portion of Laptop Ban on Aircraft

The U.S. has partly rescinded a ban on the use of laptops on some U.S.-bound international flights only days after rolling out demands for enhanced security measures at overseas airports.

Brexit Could Cost Banks EUR15 Billion

Banks in the U.K. could be on the hook for EUR15 billion in costs to relocate certain activities to Europe after Brexit, according to a study by a finance trade group-a tab that could weigh on bank profits for years and ultimately hit European Union consumers.

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Fyre Festival Promoter Charged With Defrauding Investors

Fyre Festival, which was marketed as a high-end music festival in the Bahamas but resulted in a logistical fiasco that unfolded publicly on social media, is now at the center of a federal criminal investigation. William "Billy" McFarland, its 25-year-old promoter, was charged with defrauding investors to raise money for the high-end concert.

Efforts to Tackle Icing Problems on Planes Face Setback

Current aircraft technology to warn pilots they are flying toward potentially hazardous icing conditions is inadequate, a new study says, dealing a setback to years of efforts to find new ways to prevent ice crystals from clogging airliner engines and speed sensors.

Finally, Something Good From Yahoo

An investment in its offspring, Altaba, offers a high reward if management can reduce its tax liability, and it has limited downside.

France's Total Set to Invest $1 Billion in Giant Iranian Gas Field

France's Total said it would sign a deal on Monday that finalizes a $1 billion investment in a giant Iranian gas field, capping months of negotiations over the first big move by a Western oil company into the country in years.

Telecom Argentina, Cablevisión Announce Merger

Telecom Argentina and Cablevisión, two of Argentina's leading telecommunications and internet service providers, said they plan to merge ahead of the opening of the country's telecommunications sector next year.

Oil Company Wins Over Investors by Promising to Stop Looking for Oil

Shares of Suncor Energy, Canada's largest crude producer, have outperformed every major North American competitor's as it pledges not to invest in the oil sands in the 'foreseeable future.'

Goldman Begins Selling Some of Its Controversial Venezuelan Bonds

Goldman Sachs Asset Management has begun selling some of the $2.8 billion in Venezuelan bonds it acquired in a controversial deal involving the country's central bank.

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July 02, 2017 23:16 ET (03:16 GMT)