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U.K. authorities said one of the three assailants in Saturday's London terror attack was known to security services but said they had no intelligence he was plotting violence.

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Prime Minister May fended off Labour Party criticism of her decision as home secretary to reduce police numbers.

Arab powers severed ties with Qatar, accusing the emirate of aiding extremists and exposing rifts among U.S. allies.

Trump won't seek to invoke executive privilege to block former FBI director Comey from testifying before Congress this week.

The president blamed his Justice Department for softening his travel ban in tweets that could undercut a defense of the revised order.

Trump endorsed a plan to transfer authority over the air-traffic control system to a private nonprofit.

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The Supreme Court agreed to consider whether authorities need search warrants to obtain cellphone-tracking data.

The justices upheld findings that North Carolina lawmakers drew legislative districts that discriminate against black voters.

A government contractor was charged with leaking an NSA report that described some of Russia's alleged election-hacking.

A disgruntled ex-worker shot and killed five people at a business near Orlando before killing himself.

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June 06, 2017 02:47 ET (06:47 GMT)