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Europe lacks the military capabilities to defend itself following years of defense cutbacks, officials there acknowledge.

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China and the EU abandoned a plan to jointly declare their commitment to the Paris climate accord.

U.S. states and cities said they would adhere to climate goals despite Trump's decision to withdraw.

Trump is weighing his legal options ahead of Comey's Senate appearance, but he may have little recourse to block the testimony.

The Supreme Court could rule quickly on Trump's travel ban after the Justice Department asked the justices to intervene.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for a deadly attack at a casino in the Philippines that the government said was a failed robbery.

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Kabul police clashed with demonstrators angered by the Afghan government's security lapses, leaving seven protesters dead.

Turkey detained the father of an NBA star who backs the cleric Erdogan blames for a failed coup.

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June 03, 2017 02:47 ET (06:47 GMT)