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Lloyds Back in Private Hands After U.K. Government Sells Final Shares

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Lloyds Banking Group is back in private hands after the U.K. government sold its remaining shares in the bank it bailed out during the financial crisis.

Sotheby's Loses Its Star Work But Auction Rallies

A day after Christie's sold $289.2 million worth of impressionist and modern art, Sotheby's countered with a passable, $173.8 million sale that was hurt by the last-minute withdrawal of its expected star, an Egon Schiele nude portrait.

Despite Promises, Car Makers Are Set on Job Cuts

Faced with softening U.S. car sales and mounting investor skepticism about Detroit's ability to weather the first industry downturn in nearly a decade, auto executives are facing a tough choice in who to please-Wall Street or the White House.

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No Googling on Bing: Search Leader Avoids 'Genericide' in Trademark Case

Google has avoided "genericide." A federal appeals court affirmed the Google trademark, ruling that while in some corners the verb associated with the company has become synonymous with "internet search," Google is still widely identified as a brand name worthy of protection.

TPG Borrows Page from Activist Playbook in Buying Etsy Stake

Etsy shares soared after private-equity firm TPG disclosed a stake in the online marketplace.

AllianceBernstein Is Selling Bond-Trading Software

AllianceBernstein Holding LP agreed to sell its bond-trading software platform to trading technology firm Algomi Ltd.

SEC Approves New York Stock Exchange 'Speed Bump' Trade Delay

U.S. regulators have given the New York Stock Exchange a green light to introduce a "speed bump" to one of its markets, a plan widely seen as an attempt to undermine upstart rival IEX Group Inc.

Cisco's Future Is Looking More Secure

Cisco's underperforming stock is due for a lift with the tech giant's security business in focus as it reports earnings.

SunEdison Comes to Terms With Unsecured Creditors

Failed solar-power developer SunEdison unveiled a series of settlements that brought the company's influential committee of unsecured creditors on board with its chapter 11 exit plan.

Report: Hundreds More Department Store Closures Are Necessary

The forecast for department store chains just got worse. Green Street Advisors is raising the tally for the number of store closures needed to normalize business at malls.

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May 17, 2017 03:15 ET (07:15 GMT)