Image of Asia: Walking with apples and a phone in Beijing

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EXPLAINS WHY THEY ARE ESCORTED BY SECURITY GUARDS - Chinese performance artist Han Bing, left, and his friend Hui Li, center, drag an iPhone and a string of apples, respectively, as they are escorted out by security guards of a shopping district ... after performing outside an Apple retail store in Beijing, China, Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014. Han Bing, known for taking a cabbage out on a walk to raise questions about our attachments to things, hopes to highlight our modern dependence on the mobile phone in this performance. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan) (The Associated Press)

In this photo by Ng Han Guan, performance artist Han Bing drags an iPhone and his friend Hui Li drags a string of apples in a shopping district where an Apple retail store is located in Beijing. Passersby stared at the performance, some snapping pictures, before security guards escorted the artist away. Han Bing says the walk is intended to highlight our obsession with the mobile phone and in particular Apple's product. The performance is a continuation of his past walks with a brick and a cabbage in various cities to raise questions about our attachments to things.

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