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In this month's installment of Selling It:

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All slices aren't created equal Banking nuisance
That's one very special cleaning Where did the booze go?
Do as they say . . .
Triple take: Something isn't right here
Pay more, get less  

Say (less) cheese

The 24-slice package gives you just 33 percent more cheese than the 16-slice package. How does that math work? A slice in the smaller package weighs three-quarters of an ounce; in the larger, two-thirds.

Power wash

Preferred Softwash roof cleaners promise to remove ugly roof stains “in one day!” Apparently they also make quick work of tree and bush removal.    Back to top

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Warning! Oh, never mind

An alert next to this picture, from a product containing cement and silica sand, says, “Wear waterproof gloves, a fully buttoned long-sleeved shirt, full-length trousers and tight fitting safety goggles.”    Back to top

Surf's down

“If you liked using [discontinued] Surf Hair Texture Paste we think you will also like our new Power Putty Surfer Hair,” Garnier says. But a Florida reader demurs. “A hair product that I have been using for years has suspiciously increased the size of its packaging, decreased the ounces contained within, and raised the price.” The suggested retail price for Surf Hair was $3.99; for Power Putty, it’s $5.99.    Back to top

Are we bothering you yet?

A Florida reader opted out of receiving mailed promotions from Bank of America. So—of course!—the bank mailed him a letter asking him to reconsider his opt-out option, which was expiring. If he wanted to continue not getting letters like the one he just got, he could (a) go online and select marketing preferences, (b) call a toll-free number, (c) visit a banking center, or (d) talk to his financial adviser.    Back to top


Over the years, a Maryland reader has noticed a change in this liqueur. With enough time, it may consist only of hazelnuts.    Back to top


Either that or this T-shirt website found a fellow who can shrink and grow at will.    Back to top

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