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Snap Shares Tumble as Short Sellers Move In

Snap Inc's shares tumbled 12 percent on Tuesday and traders raced to position themselves to cash in on further declines after analysts gave the company a lukewarm reception following its red-hot market debut.

Is Snap overhyped?

Amish Shah, managing partner at Sierramaya360, Lance Ulanoff of Mashable, and FBN's Lori Rothman on Snap's IPO and whether it's a good investment.

Will the bull market continue?

Haverford Trust chief investment officer Hank Smith on whether the bull market will continue and how Sessions' Russia controversy is effecting the markets.

Buy or sell Snap?

Disruptor Capital CEO Peter Snyder and Gerber Kawasaki CEO Ross Gerber on whether to buy or sell Snap, how the co-founders will now prove themselves as operators and how the company can monetize its user base.