Self-Destructing Messenger the Hot App Among Politicians?

Could a new confidential messaging app with self-destructing technology be the solution to leak concerns among politicians? Confide co-founder and president Jon Brod discussed the encrypted communication app that is taking Washington, D.C. by storm in an interview with FOX Business.

GM, Tech Industry at Loggerheads Over Self-Driving Cars

When Illinois state Rep. Michael Zalewski crafted state legislation that would allow car makers to operate self-driving taxi services, he leaned heavily on General Motors Co. His bill, introduced Feb. 8, would limit access to the business to companies that make their own vehicles.

Alphabet's Waymo Sues Uber Over Self-Driving Car Secrets

Google parent Alphabet Inc.'s heated rivalry with Uber Technologies Inc. over self-driving cars has spilled into the courthouse, after the internet giant sued the ride-hailing company for allegedly stealing trade secrets to jump-start its own autonomous vehicle program.

Short Sellers Lose Big Time in Tesla Tug-of-War

Short sellers have been at the losing end of a tug-of-war with Tesla Inc investors in 2017, with some surrendering in recent weeks following nearly $2 billion in losses as shares of the electric car maker approach record highs.