Tesla's unfettered ambition will drain finances

Tesla shares rose on Friday as analysts questioned how soon Chief Executive Elon Musk will have to ask creditors and shareholders for more capital to fund development of an electric semi truck, a new roadster and accelerated production of a high-volume electric sedan.

UN panel to debate 'killer robots' and other AI weapons

A United Nations panel agreed Friday to consider guidelines and potential limitations for military uses of artificial intelligence amid concerns from human rights groups and other leaders that so-called “killer robots” could pose a long-term, lethal threat to humanity.

Revealed: Tesla's new electric semi truck

Tesla CEO Elon Musk hopped out of the first fully electric semi truck at SpaceX headquarters, unveiling the Tesla Semi. Musk promised that the truck will help transform the trucking industry and improve safety. Here's what it's all about.

Does Your Retirement Plan Include Drones, Tiny Homes?

My great-grandfather, Harry, was a signals operator in World War I. Wireless communication in trench warfare was still in its very early stages and, tragically, the radio he was using blew up in his face, leaving him only able to see shadows due to corneal damage.