Business Highlights

Trump plan would cut taxes for companies — and people, too WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump proposed dramatic cuts in corporate and personal taxes Wednesday in an overhaul his administration asserts will spur national economic growth and bring jobs and prosperity to America's middle class.

Trump Tax Plan Cheat Sheet

President Trump and his team of tax experts, which includes former Goldman Sachs alums Gary Cohn and Steven Mnuchin, delivered a broad outline of what would be the biggest tax overhaul since 1986.

Rep. Brady: Trump's Tax Reform is ‘Bold’

Congressional Republican leadership responded to President Trump’s tax reform outline Wednesday, saying the overhaul—which includes doubling standard deductions and slashing tax breaks—would serve as “critical guideposts” for tax reform discussions moving forward.

Are the Republicans their own worst enemy?

Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL), Cato Institute Senior Fellow and national syndicated radio show host Dan Mitchell, and former DNC D.C. Chairman Scott Bolden on whether the government will avoid a shutdown.