Hedge Funds

Billionaire Steve Cohen Hiring and Plots Hedge Fund Return

Hedge fund impresario Steven A. Cohen has signaled that he’s looking to expand his trading activities in Asia, the latest indication that the former head of SAC Capital thinks he can return to managing money for outside investors after a series of regulatory issues barred him from the securities business for the past two years, the FOX Business Network has learned.

Market Correction 2015 – Game Plan for Investors Going Forward

The recent sell-off in equities has been violent, and while it’s natural to be gun shy after such extreme volatility, investors should continue to take the long view. Going forward, the game plan should be to take advantage of dislocations by patiently buying assets that have been disproportionately technically impacted, but not fundamentally impaired.

SEC Eyes Hedge Funds on Social Media

Like a parent warily watching a teenager, the SEC is keeping a closer eye on hedge funds and their use of social media. A recent study by marketing firm Agecroft Partners found that the use of social media within the hedge fund industry “has increased significantly” in recent years.