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Wide Open: Ex-Creed Frontman Talks Bipolar Meltdown

Creed has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide driven by hits such as “My Sacrifice” and “Arms Wide Open.” But despite its success, for the band’s former frontman Scott Stapp, along with the highs have come lows. Stapp discusses his personal struggles, recovery and the music business’s transformation.

Bernie Sanders slams Disney

FBN's Elizabeth MacDonald and 'Making Money' host Charles Payne on Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders saying Disney is as an example of a 'rigged economy.'

Sumner Redstone Appoints Two New Members to His Trust

Sumner Redstone, chairman emeritus of Viacom Inc (NASDAQ:VIAB) said on Tuesday he has appointed two‎ new trustees to a trust that will determine the direction of the media conglomerate and CBS (NYSE:CBS) in the event of his incapacitation or death.