The Myth of the 'Strong' Obama Economy

Strong. Durable. President Obama used those words this week to describe the American economy during his State of the Union speech. But that will be called into question at the next GOP debate on the FOX Business Network. What's the reality?

Financial Reasons to Be Thankful For This Year

Thanksgiving is the time of year we gather around the dinner table to feast on turkey, stuffing and apple pie. Amidst the feast we share with family and friends, it is also time to reflect on the blessings in our lives and what we are thankful for.

Boomerang Buyers

Boomerang buyers who experienced a foreclosure or short sale during the housing crisis seven years ago may now be eligible to buy a home, but preparation to become an owner again is needed. 

Homebuilder Stocks Take Hit

All is not well in the land of homebuilders. The National Association of Realtors® pending home sales index fell 2.3% to a seasonally adjusted reading of 106.8 in September, down from 109.3 in August.

Barclays, Wachovia to Pay $378M to Settle U.S. Mortgage Claims

British bank Barclays Plc and U.S. bank Wachovia, now part of Wells Fargo & Co , will pay a combined $378 million to resolve claims over toxic mortgage-backed securities sold to now-failed credit unions, a U.S. credit union regulator said on Monday.