Emac's Bottom Line

The Myth of the College Grad Barista

Although many stories have been published about this phenomenom, it’s an urban myth that college grads are stuck in jobs working as Starbucks baristas, says new analysis from the New York Federal Reserve.

IRS Gets New Powers to Revoke Passports

Submarined deep in the transportation bill passed by Congress last December was a new power given to the IRS to collect taxes. If you have a federal tax debt of $50,000 or more, the IRS can get your passport cancelled. 

Goldman Sachs’ Stock Plays for Paris Climate Deal

Officials from countries around the world recently signed off on the most important climate agreement since the Kyoto Protocol was signed in 1997. Wall Street is weighing in, with Goldman Sachs saying that it sees “the deal as a boost to the low carbon economy, now a fast-growing $600 billion-plus market.”

The Federal Government’s Vegetative Universe

The end run around Congress’s power to legislate is gapping wider. It includes presidential and federal authority exercised not just through executive orders, but a circus mirror of rules, guidance documents, memoranda, bulletins, manuals, circulars, public notices and other agency proclamations.

When Will Apple Announce Its Streaming TV Offering?

CBS Corp. chief executive Leslie Moonves recently said he thinks Apple has hit the “hold button” on its much anticipated Apple TV live streaming service, and although Wall Street shops including Goldman Sachs forecast a launch in 2016, consumers may not see the live streaming service next year.

Chipotle Gets EPS Downgrade From Goldman Sachs

Shares in Chipotle Mexican Grill are in a downdraft mode after the restaurant chain was hit with a series of cuts in Wall Street stock price targets and downgrades due to the e. coli outbreak at some of its stores. And now Goldman Sachs is warning its problems are far from over.