Emac's Bottom Line

The Brexit Fix: Add the UK to NAFTA

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan supports a free trade deal with the United Kingdom after it has separated from the European Union. This should indeed be a priority for the U.S.

A New Book That Will Make You Sound Smart

Book review: Ever feel like a fish out of water at an office cocktail party when discussing the economy, or when someone brings up the gold standard? Thanks to Imogen Lloyd Webber, there’s now a new book that will rescue you from such awkward situations.

The Myth of the College Grad Barista

Although many stories have been published about this phenomenom, it’s an urban myth that college grads are stuck in jobs working as Starbucks baristas, says new analysis from the New York Federal Reserve.

IRS Gets New Powers to Revoke Passports

Submarined deep in the transportation bill passed by Congress last December was a new power given to the IRS to collect taxes. If you have a federal tax debt of $50,000 or more, the IRS can get your passport cancelled.