Small business seeing the best economy in 50 years, report finds

During the first 2020 debate, many Democrats argued that the U.S. economy isn’t working for small business. However the leader of a major small business group says “that’s simply not true.”

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“The [National Federation of Independent Business] has been doing the small business economic trend report for 45 years—and the data is in—this is the best economy for small business in 50 years. And it’s been setting records for the last two and a half years,” said NFIB CEO Juanita Duggan to FOX Business’ David Asman on “Varney & Co.” on Monday.

What’s more, for the “first time in a long time” it’s paying off, she said.

“They’ve been setting records for capital expenditures, for profits, for raising wages for their workers—I mean it just doesn’t get any better than this I don’t know what data [the Democrats] are looking at,” she said.


Duggan added that “business is booming.”

“The average NFIB member has fewer than 5 employees and about $70,000 of taxable income. So this is the half of the economy that is not reflected in the markets. It’s half of GDP. It’s half the payroll,” she said.