The left has dictated, dominated our culture for a generation – time's up: Varney

With Judge Kavanaugh, the left has hit a new low.

They want Sen. Susan Collins of Maine to vote “no.” To get the no vote, they are offering her a financial incentive, an inducement. Some would call it a bribe. Here’s how it works.

If Collins votes “yes” on Kavanaugh, a crowdfunding website will give $1 million to her opponent in 2020. Her opponent will not get the money if Collins votes “no.” Vote the way we want, or we’ll spend big bucks to beat you next time around.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 37,000 people had handed over their credit card information and pledged $1,041,000. The pledges are activated if Collins votes “yes.” I don’t care whether this is legally a bribe or not. It amounts to buying a vote, and it shouldn’t have any part in our politics.

Collins has also been subjected to a barrage of out-of-state anonymous voicemails threatening violence. And she’s received 3,000 coat hangers, as a not-so-subtle reference to abortion. Collins finds the whole thing “offensive,” and she says she will make her decision based on Kavanaugh’s “qualifications, his character and integrity, judicial temperament, his record and his respect for the rule of law and fidelity to the Constitution.” I can't find anything wrong with that!

But there’s a lot wrong with the way the Democrats have conducted themselves during the Kavanaugh hearing. It was a circus. An embarrassing circus. And this million dollar bribe for Collins’ vote is absolutely out-of-bounds.

For the left, the writing is on the wall: they have dictated and dominated our culture for a generation. Well, time’s up.