Is a Global Recession Coming? What CEOs Can Tell Us

By Andrs

Global stock markets have been particularly volatile lately. This is mostly due to economic uncertainty and growing concerns about the possibility of a global recession reaching to the U.S in the coming months. With the economy in China slowing down and emerging-market currencies showing rising volatility, it's hard to tell what can happen to the global economy in the middle term.

Watching economic indicators can be important, however, companies in key sectors of the economy can many times provide enormously valuable insights in this area. Vail Resorts can offer first-hand information about consumer trends and discretionary spending, while payroll processorPaychex is permanently taking the pulse of the job market.

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When it comes to taking a look at the health of the global consumer, food and snacks giantPepsiCo clearly knows what is going on around the world,and Yum! Brands has a big presence in many key cities in China.

With this in mind, let's take a look at what top executives at Vail Resorts, Paychex, PepsiCo, and Yum! Brands are saying about the global economy and the risk of a worldwide recession reaching the U.S. over the middle term.

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