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Cable One (NYSE: CABO), a provider of video, internet, and voice services, reported its second-quarter results after the market closed on Aug. 3. Revenue grew slightly, driven by the company's growing residential data and business services segments, and profits soared due to a significant drop in costs. Strength in these fast-growing portions of Cable One's business was offset by falling subscriber counts in the residential video and voice segments. Here's what investors need to know about Cable One's second-quarter results.

Cable One: The raw numbers

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YOY = year over year. Data Source: Cable One Q2 earnings report.

What happened with Cable One this quarter?

Strong growth in data services counteracted declining video and voice revenue.

  • Residential data revenue rose 18.7% year over year to $86 million, making it the largest source of revenue for the company.
  • Residential video and voice revenue slumped 14.2% and 11.5% to $74 million and $10.9 million, respectively.
  • Business services revenue rose 12% to $24.5 million.
  • The number of residential customers declined by 2.7% year over year, with double-digit declines in voice and video offset by a 1.8% increase in data customers.
  • The number of business customers rose by 10.9% year over year, driven by a 7.8% increase in data customers.
  • Average monthly revenue per user increased in all segments.
  • Adjusted EBITDA rose 14.6% year over year to $88.9 million.
  • Free cash flow was $51.3 million, up 28.1% year over year.

What management had to say

Cable One CEO Tom Might outlined the company's progress during the second quarter:

Residential data is now the largest contributor to Cable One's revenue, accounting for 42% of sales during the second quarter. Residential video generated just 36.2% of revenue, down for 42.5% during the second quarter of 2015.

Looking forward

While revenue grew slowly during the second quarter, a reduction in operating costs helped the company post a double-digit increase in EPS. Total costs declined by 7.7% year over year, driven in part by a 7.4% reduction in headcount. EPS was helped further by share repurchases, on which the company spent $11.9 million during the second quarter.

The share of Cable One's revenue generated from residential data and business services continued to grow during the quarter, reaching 54.1%, up from 46.6% during the same period last year. While the company has seen its subscriber count shrink over the past twelve months, growth in data and business services is a sign that Cable One is moving in the right direction.

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