Fleet Week: Never Before Seen Photos of the USS Bataan

Fleet week is underway this Memorial Day weekend in New York City.  The highly-anticipated yearly event occurs when members of the United States Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard dock in the city’s harbor, see the sites and get treated to a few cold ones by appreciative civilians.

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FOXBusiness.com climbed aboard the USS Bataan, an 844-foot Wasp-class amphibious assault ship. Those who want to see the ship firsthand and experience more weekend events can get all the details and a schedule of events on Fleet Week's website.

1. USS Bataan

The USS Bataan docked in NYC

2. The Seal

The Bataan's seal engraved on the captain's desk

3. Line Up!

Tourists and onlookers lined up to board the ship.

4. Ahoy!

Marines walk to board.

5. Top Deck

A view from the top deck.

6. Swab the Deck!

Crew sweeps the deck clean.

7. The Hospital

Never before seen, this fully operational hospital facility sits below deck.

8. Take Control!

Thought it would be bigger, no?

9. A View From the Top!

On the "vulture bridge" looking down.

10. Heads Up!

A look up.

11. New York, New York ...

A banner hanging below deck

12. Special Thank You

Thanks to our  Navy Lt. Commander tour guide, who for security reasons cannot be named. We appreciate your service.