7 Money Links We Love: This Supermarket May Be Overcharging You


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As of Friday afternoon, Obama and congressional leaders were planning to meet one last time to discuss the fiscal cliff and how to avoid it. But is it just political theater? Fish or Cut Bait? Obama and Congress to Meet on Fiscal Cliff – CNN

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If you have religious obligations or physical limitations, how do you broach it with a new boss? How to Tell Your Boss When You Need Something Out of the Ordinary - Lifehacker

Now that Christmas is past–and the temptation is over–feast your eyes on some of these 121 bizarre and expensive gifts. The bluetooth showerhead is kind of cool … For Those Who Have Everything – The Week

We’re fans of renter’s insurance. But is it fair for a landlord to include it in your lease? Can a Landlord Force Tenants to Have Renter’s Insurance? - Fox Business

We always like to pass on savings tips for grocery shopping. A new one might be “avoid this grocery store.” Safeway Supermarkets Allegedly Overcharging Customers – Huffington Post

Time to do a quick clean out! Year-End Paperwork Purge: What to Keep, What to Shred - DailyFinance

A department store asked people what little things potential employees could improve upon when coming in for job interviews. Too much makeup, too little makeup–these ladies discuss the implications for women in the workplace. Should Women Be ‘Playful’ at Work? Not so Much … – Today Show

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How much money would you give up for a more fulfilling career? And would you be brave enough? Why I Left My Career in Finance for a Non-Profit

Turns out that if your boss is trying–unsuccessfully–to have an affair with you, it’s perfectly legal for him to fire you. Court Says You Can Be Fired if Your Boss Finds You “Irresistible”

Looks like software engineering is the degree to pursue–and Facebook is the place to pursue it. The Interns That Earn