6 Money Links We Love: Be a Better Gift Giver


We’ve scoured the web and brought you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Don’t waste your money or time trying to surprise someone with a gift that they never knew they wanted … because they still won’t want it. Science Says It’s Not the Thought That Counts - Greatist

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If you’re 40+, it’s not too late to get on track for retirement. The advice in this post is invaluable. Retirement Planning for Late Starters – Forbes

What if your boss, who knows your salary, was also your close friend? This true story has a good lesson. Why Friends and Money Don’t Mix - Go Girl Finance

We’re in love with all the amazing and classy wrapping ideas in this post, from foil cupcake wrappers to doilies. And the title is a misnomer–there are many more ideas than just four! 4 Creative Gift-Wrapping Ideas -BrightNest

You dream of turning your blog into a full-time career–now get advice from someone who did it! Christine Cameron Tells Us How She Turned Her Awesome Blog Into a Career - The Grindstone

All personal loans are not created equal! Learn about the differences. The Guide to Bank Loans - Real Simple

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Instead of lecturing your family on all of the financial smarts you’ve learned through us–tempting, right?–sneak in a financial lesson, while you watch a movie during the holidays. 8 Movies With a Hidden Financial Message to Watch With Your Family

Business owners and bosses: Listen up! Praising an employee is just as motivating as handing them cash. Is It Better to Be Paid in Compliments Than in Money?

Would you give up everything to pursue your beliefs? This girl did, and she’s pretty darn happy. What Giving Up Money for Buddhism Taught Me

Before you can overhaul your finances, you need to change your mindset. Read this story for a good financial wake-up call. The Power of Purposeful Thinking: How I Thought My Way Out of $60,000 of Debt

It’s not fun, but you’ll thank yourself and your parents later for having talked everything over. The Important Financial To-Do When Your Parents Get Older