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California Screamin'

Californians paying too much in taxes?

‘Taxifornia’ author James Lacy on taxes in California and the governor race.

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  1. Del Beccaro: California Needs Leadership

    Tom Del Beccacaro, chairman of the Republican Party in California, on the state’s new tax hikes and what’s ahead for the state in 2013.

  2. The Cost of Wind Power

    Frontline Strategies’ Mark Standriff on how green energy job creation has fared in California.

  3. Tax Muni-Bond Interest?

    Former economic advisor to Governor Schwarzenegger David Crane explains how taxing muni-bond interest would impact California.

  4. Tax Battle Heats Up in California

    California Republican Party Chairman Tom Del Beccaro on the Presidential election and efforts to block further tax increases in California.

  5. San Bernardino Resident Sounds Off on Bankruptcy

    San Bernardino resident Kathy Mallon has lost trust and faith in local government and is angry over the city's bankruptcy.

  6. Breaking Down California Budget Issues

    Mike Reagan, founder of the Reagan Group, weighs in on California's budget woes.

  7. L.A. in the Spotlight for Pow-Wow

    Kathy Smits, VP of Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board, on how to market and selling tourism in Los Angeles to the rest of the world at the Pow-Wow trade show convention.

  8. Occupy Protestors Meet Rose Bowl Parade's Mike Reagan weighs in on Los Angeles' Mayor delaying $100 million in overtime payment until he leaves office, and other hot topics in California.

  9. California Voters Think Kim's Tax is Fair

    Rasmussen Reports' Scott Rasmussen on a new poll that found 76% of voters in California believe Kim Kardashian's tax rate is fair.

  10. Kim Kardashian an Example of 'Reason' for Taxpayers

    Adrian Moore of the Reason Foundation on a new campaign that is calling on Kim Kardashian to pay her fair share of taxes, and the impact it is having.

  11. Calif. Company Being Sued Over Mirror Two Inches Too High

    The Reason Foundation’s Adrian Moore discusses the need for lawsuit reform in the Golden State.

  12. Was Government Stimulus a Failure in Creating Jobs? Associate Editor Tina Korbe, Sirius XM radio host Mike Church and radio talk show host Larry Young on government efforts to boost job growth.

  1. Neel Kashkari's California run

    California GOP gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari on his ideas for taxes, fracking, unions and jobs.

  2. Author: Liberal Democrats are bankrupting California

    Author James V. Lacy weighs in on taxes, the economy and politics in California, and his book ‘Taxifornia.’

  3. Is Tesla the Next Apple?

    Longboard Asset Management CEO Cole Wilcox on the outlook for Tesla Motors.

  4. Green Energy Causing Problems for California

    Mike Reagan of on wind and solar power reliance in California.

  5. Texas Wants Cali's Business

    Let Voters Decide president Travis Brown discusses the tax migration from California to Texas.

  6. Stossel - 1/17/13 - Texas Vs. California

    Stossel compares Texas and California

  7. Republicans Retreating in Debt Ceiling Debate?

    Radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt and FNC contributor Julie Roginsky on the debate over raising the debt ceiling.

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