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Times Square Bomb

Using Sewers to Sniff Out Bombs

From dogs to drones, humanity has found some really intelligent ways to sniff out bombs before they explode. But what if there were a way to catch illicit explosives even earlier?New sensors being developed and tested by scientists sponsored by the European Union may one day help authorities track down home-made bombs (even drug factories) at their point of inception.The sewer-based sensing system would use electrochemical water- and air-sampling to detect certain chemicals typically used for home-made bombs as they travel through the waste stream in urban areas.Data about the time, positioning, type and concentration of compounds would be sent via sensors to a remote computer in real-time where the intelligence would be analyzed and authorities alerted to a potential threat, helping to cut off the terrorist supply chain."Home-made explosives can be produced from commercially everyday household chemicals," said Hans Onnerud, deputy research director of the Department of Defense and Sec...

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