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Full interview: Dana talks to Greg about his book 'Not Cool'

'Five' co-hosts participate in Q&A at Bush Presidential Center

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  2. Marine returns home after four months in Mexican prison

    Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen worked with Jon Hammar's family to win his release

  3. Greg Gutfeld & Brian Kilmeade

    Greg Gutfeld & Brian Kilmeade

  4. Full episode: 'Red Eye' 11/9/12

    Sherrod Small, Jedediah Bila and Gavin McInnes break down the 2012 presidential election

  5. Did Obama campaign's smear tactics change politics forever?

    Radio talk show host Bill Cunningham weighs in

  6. PowerPlay - 9/19/2112

    Obama under fire for coal policy. Does Romney need a reset? That and more in this show.

  7. What Led to the Chicago Teacher Strike?

    The American Spectator ” Senior Editor John Fund on the teacher strike in Chicago.

  8. Obama and Romney battle for undecided voters

    Karl Rove on why undecided voters could be the key to victory for both sides, the Republican National Convention and more

  9. How Rampant is Voter Fraud in America?

    The American Spectator Senior Editor John Fund on efforts in a number of states to pass voter identification laws.

  10. Why is the Administration Opposing States’ Voter ID Laws?

    “Who’s Counting” author John Fund on state efforts to have stricter voter identification laws across the country.

  11. Beginning of the End for Unions?

    American Spectator founder R. Emmett Tyrell on public sector unions, liberalism and the health-care mandate.

  12. Is the media ignoring Fast and Furious?

    Bias Bash: Jim Pinkerton on how media outlets are covering Fast and Furious

  1. Report: Health insurers face new pressure over plans

    Federal government pushing for more oversight

  2. ObamaCare website woes continue: Time to fire Sebelius?

    Donald Trump sounds off

  3. Schools waging war on football?

    School boards, legislators limiting game

  4. Is Obama's Delay on Syria Impacting His Credibility?

    Weekly Standard executive editor Fred Barnes and The American Spectator senior editor John Fund comment on how Obama is handling the Syrian crisis.

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  6. What Taxpayers Deserve to Know in IRS Controversy

    The controversy now unfolding at the Internal Revenue Service -- that it targeted for rejection the nonprofit status of the Tea Party and other conservative groups t...

  7. Power Play 4/12/2013

    Four years of the Tea Party. How does gun deal bode for bipartisanship? Plus - Senator Mike Lee talks guns and budget

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