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Terror Alert

  1. Top Tech Execs. Talk Surveillance with Obama

    FOX News contributor Jedediah Bila and democratic strategist Julie Roginsky on civil liberties and President Obama's closed-door meeting with top technology executives over the NSA scandal.

  2. White House: Gitmo inmates may still return to Yemen

    Jennifer Griffin reports from Washington, D.C.

  3. Gasbuddy: More Gas Price Decreases on the Way chief oil analyst Tom Kloza gives his outlook for gas prices.

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  5. Wallace Unplugged: Monday Edition 8/5

    Continued coverage of the Al Qaeda terror threats

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  7. Debate over surveillance of Americans heats up

    Former NSA, CIA Director Gen. Hayden, Rep. Amash weigh in

  8. Al Qaeda terror threat forces U.S. embassies to close

    U.S. Intelligence calls threat is 'Serious and credible'

  9. UK police urge increased security for London Marathon

    Heightened terror alerts for major events around the world

  10. Spend the holidays aboard a luxury liner

    Now is the time to book a holiday cruise.There are so many different destinations and terrific money saving deals

  11. Stars shine at 'Victoria's Secret Fashion Show'

    Most wonderful time of the year?

  12. Terror Alert at FAA Reveals Major Mistakes, Cover-Up


  1. Can TSA protect flights from explosives in liquids, gels?

    US issues toothpaste terror warning

  2. McCain on Sochi security, new Benghazi questions

    Sen. John McCain on terror fears surrounding the 2014 Winter Olympic games and new questions surrounding President Obama and Benghazi after his O'Reilly interview

  3. State Department issues new travel advisory for Sochi

    Olympic athletes, spectators urged to keep a low profile

  4. The Police State

    Stossel and guests look at the increasingly aggressive techniques used by law enforcement. Also, a look at the use of swat raids, drones and the NSA

  5. Koppel: US 'overreacted' to terror alert

    KT McFarland reacts to embassy closures

  6. Was late-night TV the proper place to talk terrorism?

    Obama chooses 'The Tonight Show' to discuss growing threat

  7. U.S. withdraws staff from consulate in Pakistan

    Assessing terror threat to facility

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