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David Berg on his book ‘Run, Brother, Run’

Author David Berg on his family life and book ‘Run, Brother, Run: A Memoir of a Murder in My Family.’

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  1. How to stop telemarketers who are still calling

    Peter Johnson, Jr. weighs in

  2. Take a Day Off for (Often Forgotten) Financial Housekeeping

    There are two categories of tasks that keep the financial machine running smoothly -- essential tasks and beneficial tasks. Most people recognize the essential tasks...

  3. Hired!

    I am always looking for jobs that our nation's heroes can apply for. What I like about Union Pacific, the first company on this week's list, is that 1 in 5 employees...

  4. Top 5 companies hiring workers now

    Amazon, Union Pacific looking to fill positions

  5. What's Driving the Bond Market?

    TCW chief investment officer Tad Rivelle weighs in on the bond market.

  6. Father's Day gifts for older dads

    While you're scoping out a range of gifts for your dad, consider certain practical things that are ideal to give at any time of the year, especially for fathers of a...

  7. Hang up Quick: The car Insurance Robocall Scam

    Lucky you! You've been selected for lower car insurance rates due to a review of your driving record, or perhaps rate changes that have recently taken place in your ...

  8. FTC Fraud Survey: 1 in 10 Americans Adults Swindled

    This is on the level: An estimated 25.6 American adults -- more than 10% of the nation's adults -- were swindled by fraudsters during 2011, according to a report iss...

  9. Food Stamps for Pets? founder Marc Okon talks to Alan about how his organization helps down-on-their-luck people and their pets.

  10. Why 'Sales Lead Black Holes' Leak Profits

    Is your company leaking potential profits through a sales lead black hole?

  11. Should They Move the Super Bowl to Saturday?

    Author Imogen Lloyd Webber and ABC Radio’s Bernard McGuirk discuss Sunday’s big game.

  12. FTC Shuts Down Telemarketers Promising Balance Transfer Offers

    Government officials announced plans to halt operations that promised credit card balance transfers, low interest credit cards and other forms of debt relief. Accord...

  1. Charities short-changed

    Charity Navigator CEO Ken Berger says many dollars going to charities are actually being paid to telemarketers.

  2. How to eliminate annoying robocalls

    On a single day in mid-December, Nancy Duke's phone rang three times with the same pre-recorded sales pitch. It claimed that the Elgin, Texas, resident could win $3,...

  3. Faxes May Cost Small Business Owner Up to $48M

    Legal directory publisher Doug Walburg, owner of Mariposa Publishing, is battling a class-action suit for allegedly violating an FCC rule with his company’s faxed advertisements.

  4. AmEx Settles Charges Over Deceptive Practices

    American Express (NYSE: AXP) on Tuesday announced a $76 million settlement with several banking regulators over charges subsidiaries of the credit card company used ...

  5. Good, Old-Fashioned Word-of-Mouth

    There is one kind of marketing that money can’t buy – is it working for your business? That and more in the latest LOL-inducing, insightful and character-limited words of wisdom that helped me run my business this week.

  6. An inside look at Megyn's 'Tonight Show' appearance

    Megyn reveals celeb's favorite Fox anchor

  7. 5 Ways to Help Your Parents Prepare for Retirement

    It might be hard for busy adults to find time to help their parents as they inch toward retirement age, but there are some simple ways to help them plan.Workers in t...

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