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JPM Talks With Twitter About Minority Stake

FBN's Shibani Joshi on the latest investment in Twitter that brings it one step closer to an IPO.

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  1. Morning Business Outlook: 11/20/14

    Apple adding 'Beats' to iPhone, iPad

  2. Targeted by Uber: Sarah Lacy speaks out

    PandoDaily Founder Sarah Lacy speaks out against Uber after being a target of the company’s scare tactics.

  3. Varney: ObamaCare ruined Obama

    FBN’s Stuart Varney weighs in on the controversy surrounding Jonathan Gruber and ObamaCare.

  4. U.S. dollar benefitting from Japan’s slip into recession?

    Kenai Capital Management’s Tres Knippa on Japan’s economy and dip into recession.

  5. Ret. Navy SEAL officer on bin Laden shooter’s revelations

    Retired Navy SEAL Officer Leif Babin discusses the killing of bin Laden.

  6. Pandora shares jump

    FBN’s Nicole Petallides breaks down the day in the markets.

  7. HomeAway sues San Francisco over Airbnb law

    HomeAway Co-Founder Carl Shepherd says the company is suing San Francisco to block the new Airbnb law because it violates the commerce clause.

  8. Lyft sues Uber exec over leaked secrets

    Wall Street Journal reporter Doug MacMillan on Lyft’s lawsuit claiming an Uber executive allegedly stole company secrets.

  9. F5 Networks a ‘buy’ despite extreme volatility?

    FBN’s Charles Payne, Heritage Capital President Paul Schatz, NewOak Capital President James Frischling, Tea Party News Network News Director Scottie Nell Hughes, Republican Strategist Dee Dee Benkie and Penn Financial Group founder Matt McCall on the outlook for F5 Networks.

  10. Is this billion-dollar startup the email killer?

    Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield on his real-time messaging app for businesses.

  11. Can Facebook keep growing?

    FBN’s Liz MacDonald on Facebook’s stock.

  12. 3M shares hit new high

    FBN’s Nicole Petallides on the highlights from the day in the markets.

  1. Time to invest in the mobile sector?

    Money Map Press’ Michael Robinson on the mobile sector, Apple stock and SunPower stock.

  2. Cancelling ‘The Interview’ a cowardly move by Sony?

    FBN’s Charles Payne, NewOak Capital President James Frischling, A&G Capital CIO Hilary Kramer, retail analyst Hitha Herzog, Monster Worldwide Senior V.P. Joanie Courtney and Tea Party News Network News Director Scottie Nell Hughes on the fallout from the Sony hacking and the cyber security stocks to watch.

  3. Bishop Jackson: Sharpton is pouring gasoline on a raging fire

    Hope Christian Church Senior Pastor Bishop Harry Jackson on what is needed to create a positive future in Ferguson, Missouri and across the country.

  4. Nasdaq has highest close since 2000

    FBN’s Nicole Petallides on the highlights from the day in the markets.

  5. Music plays to a different tune: Streaming

    SurveyMonkey CEO David Goldberg weighs in on disrupters in the music industry.

  6. Shazam moves in-store

    Shazam CEO Rich Riley and Mood Media President of North America Ken Eissing explain their partnership to make a new ad platform.

  7. Immigration amnesty fundamentally changing America?

    The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board’s Dan Henninger weighs in on President Obama’s immigration policy.

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