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Sensity Systems CEO on creating smart cities

Sensity Systems CEO Hugh Martin on developing a range of street lights with sensors built in.

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  1. Is social media a dangerous “drug?”

    FOX News Medical A-Team’s Dr. Keith Ablow discusses the dangers of technology and social media.

  2. Midday Market Report: 10/14/14

    Snapchat hacked, photos leaked online

  3. Big problems ahead for Snapchat after reported hacking?

    Political Prospect Editor-in-Chief Kayleigh McEnany discusses the Snapchat hack and the consequences the app faces going forward.

  4. Will the reported Snapchat photo hack hurt its valuation?

    Kurt ‘The Cyber Guy’ Knutsson and FBN’s Charlie Gasparino on reported Snapchat hack and the company’s valuation.

  5. Comics go digital on cloud-based platform

    Comixology CEO David Steinberger on his platform that allows users to buy and read comics on mobile devices.

  6. Quip takes on Microsoft by mixing spreadsheets into app

    Quip CEO Bret Taylor on launching ‘Quip Spreadsheets’ and taking on Microsoft.

  7. Snapchat announces it will include ads in its app

    Wall Street Journal reporter Doug MacMillan on Snapchat ads.

  8. Rent out your car while you’re at work?

    Getaround CEO Sam Zaid on how the company lets car owners rent out their cars while they are not using it.

  9. Yahoo’s SnapChat decision

    Wall Street Journal reporter Doug MacMillan on Yahoo’s possible investment in SnapChat.

  10. Open Garden CEO: 300,000 FireChat downloads in Hong Kong

    Open Garden CEO Micha Benoliel on his application that is being used by protesters in Hong Kong.

  11. JibJab steps up into the mobile messaging industry

    JibJab co-founders Gregg and Evan Spiridellis on the company’s new messaging app .

  12. Morning Business Outlook: 4/21/14

    Apple, Google woo app developers

  1. How will the Apple Watch, Apple Pay impact Apple’s future earnings?

    Tom’s Guide Editor-in-Chief Mark Spoonauer and Avondale Partners senior analyst John Bright on Apple’s fourth-quarter results and outlook.

  2. Will consumers get on board with Apple Pay?

    MasterCard Chief Emerging Payments Officer Edward McLaughlin on the technology behind Apple’s mobile payments system.

  3. Gasparino: Paulson lost $1.5B on Shire deal

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino argues traders say Paulson & Co. Hedge Fund Manager John Paulson lost $1.5B when the Shire deal with AbbVie collapsed.

  4. Heavy Hitter Hindsight: Build your own proto-types

    Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley gives entrepreneurial advice to his younger self.

  5. Marissa Mayer’s tough road to hope

    Former New York Times Digital Chief Martin Nisenholtz on Yahoo’s turnaround plan, Apple Pay and Twitter’s developers conference.

  6. Helping consumer brands increase app engagement

    Carnival Mobile CEO Guy Horrocks on working with big brands such as Oreo, Dreamworks and Pepsi manage mobile marketing.

  7. Obama appoints an Ebola ‘czar’ to fight the outbreak

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino, WSJ’s James Freeman Veronica Dagher discuss the positive markets and President Obama’s newly-appointed ‘Ebola Czar.’

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