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Best ways to spend your tax return

Andrea Woroch's list of deals for April

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  1. Three taps and a swipe gets you a room in under 10 seconds

    Hotel Tonight CEO Sam Shank on his on-demand mobile hotel booking app .

  2. States' weird sex laws

    Break Time: Where is honking your horn while making out in a car against the law?

  3. John McAfee on the risks of the Heartbleed Bug

    McAfee founder John McAfee weighs in on security concerns associated with the Heartbleed Bug.

  4. Total lunar eclipse to reveal 'blood moon' in night sky

    Event over of most of North America

  5. Youngest candidate ever files for public office

    20-year-old makes history in Oklahoma

  6. Money Transfers: Facebook's Key to Emerging Markets?

    In a bid to gain further traction in emerging markets, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is reportedly planning to jump into the money transfer business by servicing remittances ...

  7. Mid-Market Report: Shutterfly, Kodak Reach Deal

    Shutterfly and Kodak are walking away from a legal battle that erupted after Shutterfly bought Kodak's online photo service.While Kodak was in bankruptcy, Shutterfly...

  8. Middle market employment expected to grow 3.2% in 2014

    FBN’s Lauren Simonetti on the Kodak, Shutterfly lawsuit, middle market employment projections and SFX purchase of React Presents.

  9. 6 Apps for Hard-Working Parents

    Plated 2012 Funding: Raised over $7 million in Series A venture round Users: Shipp...

  10. Stop procrastinating with this new app

    Finish founder Ryan Orbuch on how the app helps users improve their productivity.

  11. SnapChat for business? founder Scott Kurnit, Bob Rice of Tangent Capital and Greycroft Partners principal Ellie Wheeler discuss Confide App that provides users off-the-record mobile messaging.

  12. 30-second pitch for private messaging service

    Confide co-founder Jon Brod pitches his app to Deirdre Bolton.

  1. China gets first bitcoin ATM, skirting bank crackdown

    BTC China, one of the country's leading digital currency exchanges, has installed China's first bitcoin ATM and launched an online app allowing individuals to buy an...

  2. Cash challenge update

    Gerri Willis gets an update on viewers going credit-card free with the cash challenge.

  3. 'Wearable' technology trend fueling debate over privacy

    Weighing the pros and cons

  4. 3 Tips for Testing Your App

    Here are three expert tips for testing your app .

  5. Smartphones: Like cigarettes, only better

    Pop Quiz: What fits in your pocket, annoys others not partaking, is addictive, and costs more every day?If you answered cigarettes, you’re right. But another correct...

  6. Lack of sleep as bad for work performance as drinking?

    Dr. Ernest Patti breaks down how sleep impacts your ability to perform at work.

  7. The Secret to Social Media Marketing

    It had to happen eventually, I'm just surprised it took so long. The content guy at Buffer , a popular social media publishing app, has posted The Ideal Length of Ev...

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