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Tax Flight From California

Author: Liberal Democrats are bankrupting California

Author James V. Lacy weighs in on taxes, the economy and politics in California, and his book ‘Taxifornia.’

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  1. Efforts to Improve the Business Environment in California

    California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom on what is needed to make the state more business friendly.

  2. What is Driving Business to Arizona ?

    Arizona Commerce Authority CEO Sandra Watson on the factors drawing businesses to Arizona from states such as California.

  3. States Sending Recruiters to Lure Companies from California

    FBN’s Adam Shapiro speaks with Arizona governor Jan Brewer on why she believes Arizona is more business-friendly than California.

  4. Is California Really Bad for Business ?

    FBN’s Adam Shapiro has California Governor Jerry Brown’s response to allegations that California is bad for business.

  5. Arizona Helps Companies Move from California

    Arizona Commerce Authority CEO Sandra Watson discusses the recruiting office in California that encourages companies to move to Arizona.

  6. California Taxes , Regulations Driving Business to Texas

    Former Republican Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman, Jr., on the benefits of Texas’ economic environment for businesses.

  7. Has a tax revolt begun in America?

    California taxes too high for some celebs

  8. Looming Defense Cuts Threaten Tech Job Growth

    Dice Holdings CEO Scot Melland on the ripple effect of defense cuts.

  9. Middle Class Taxed Like Millionaires in California?

    WSJ editorial writer Allysia Finley on migration out of California due to tax increases.

  10. Poker Player’s Perspective on Debt Ceiling Debate

    Professional poker player Matt Matros on the similarity between politicians in the debt ceiling debate and players in a poker game.

  11. Del Beccaro: California Needs Leadership

    Tom Del Beccacaro, chairman of the Republican Party in California, on the state’s new tax hikes and what’s ahead for the state in 2013.

  12. Auwaerter: Muni Moves the Bond Market’s Only Bright Spot

    Bob Auwaerter of Vanguard on how the bond market is reacting to talks on the fiscal cliff.

  1. Top 5 companies hiring right now

    FBN's Cheryl Casone has your jobs scoop

  2. Concerns about Tesla’s future despite 4Q earnings beat?

    Swan Wealth Advisors’ Mark Sebastian, Warren Financial Service CIO Randy Warren and founder Todd Horwitz break down Tesla’s fourth-quarter results and the markets.

  3. Dead end ahead for Tesla?

    The Car Coach Lauren Fix on the concerns about Tesla’s outlook.

  4. Report: US farmers planning to raise prices

    Health care reform to blame?

  5. California Orders Small Businesses to Pay Back $120M in Back Tax Breaks?

    The Wall Street Journal’s Steve Moore and Adverseevents CEO Brian Overstreet on California’s effort to get back millions in tax breaks from small businesses.

  6. Calif. vs. Texas: Who Wins?

    Former California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore compares the tax structure of the two states.

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