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Swine Flu

Can the Ebola outbreak be controlled?

Professor of Preventative Medicine Dr. William Schaffner on the steps to controlling the Ebola outbreak.

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  1. Roche Agrees To Release All Tamiflu Trial Data

    Swiss drug maker Roche Holding AG (ROG.VX) said Friday it has agreed to give outside researchers access to all its clinical trial data for Tamiflu, a blockbuster inf...

  2. Roche to Expand Access to Clinical Trial Data

    Roche Holding AG (ROG.VX) said Tuesday it would provide greater access to the results of its clinical trials, bowing to pressure from outside researchers seeking to ...

  3. Could the Flu Trigger a Recession?

    A high body count is not the only meaningful number attached to a pandemic. The potential cost of a global outbreak of the flu or some other highly contagious diseas...

  4. Flu Virus Hits Early Across U.S.

    Dr. Marc Siegel on efforts to fight the flu virus this year.

  5. Flu Season’s Here, Are You Getting a Shot?

    Dr. Marc Siegel on the benefits of getting a flu shot this year.

  6. Analysis: Washington, Wall Street misreading each other again as cliff nears

    Exit presidential elections. Enter looming budget crisis. And once again, a disconnect between how Washington and Wall Street see the world could cause pain for inve...

  7. Siri's Kids Will be Chatty and Much Smarter

    Siri may be able to tell you the capital of Kazakhstan and show you the city’s weather forecast -- but her descendents will be able to book the flight that gets you ...

  8. 15% Rally Ahead for the Markets?

    Wells Fargo Funds Management Chief Equity Strategist John Manley on why he has a bullish outlook for the markets and what sectors investors should add to their portfolio.

  9. How Big of a Threat is Orange Juice Fungicide?

    Dr. Marc Siegel, FNC senior medical contributor, on recent threats to public health including orange juice imports being halted, and a new strain of swine flu .

  10. Glaxo Returns to Growth Amid Easing Drug Headwinds

    GlaxoSmithKline's sales returned to growth in the third quarter as Britain's biggest drugmaker put patent expiries and a collapse in revenue from troubled diabetes p...

  11. Roche raises 2011 earnings goal as cuts kick in

    By Katie ReidZURICH (Reuters) - Swiss drugmaker Roche Holding AG <ROG.VX> raised its full-year earnings target for 2011 on Thursday as cost-cutting protected its fir...

  12. Preparing Your Business to Survive Disaster

    Lessons from the Japanese earthquake teach that no business is immune to potential disaster. Here's how you can prepare for the worst and survive with the best.No ma...

  1. What would it take to make America great again?

    Takimag contributor Gavin McInnes and former Rep. Thad McCotter on a new poll showing faith in American Exceptionalism fading fast.

  2. The beginning of a correction?

    Reason Magazine editor-in-chief Matt Welch, Stifel Nicolaus portfolio manager Chad Morganlander and First Trust Advisors chief economist Brian Wesbury discuss the markets.

  3. Illegal immigration causing a public health crisis?

    Dr. Elizabeth Vliet on health risks associated with illegal immigration.

  4. Faulty flu drugs?

    FOX News Medical A-Team’s Dr. Manny Alvarez weighs in on a new study that says some claims by Tamiflu may be untrue.

  5. High hog prices smoke the pork industry

    FBN’s Jeff Flock on the rise in hog prices due to the Swine Flu .

  6. U.S. Gives Glaxo Up To $200 Million for Antibiotic Research

    Concerned about the need to fight antibiotic resistance and possible bioterrorist attacks, the U.S. government will give drug maker GlaxoSmithKline PLC (GSK, GSK.LN)...

  7. Roche Agrees to Release Tamiflu Trial Data

    Bowing to years of pressure, Swiss drug maker Roche Holding AG (RO.EB) said Friday it would release clinical trial data for its blockbuster Tamiflu influenza treatme...

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