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The Road Ahead for GM

We break down whether the auto maker's IPO will bring it back to prosperity.

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  1. Debt Crisis Really a Currency Crisis?

    We break down whether the current economic crisis can be blamed currency volatility.economy,

  2. Where the Jobs Are: Wall Street

    We break down whether the unemployed should be looking to Wall Street for a career.

  3. Have the Winds of Change Faded?

    Monica Crowley discusses the state of health-care reform.

  4. Imus Learns about 'Strategy Room'

    The I-Man is assured's 'Strategy Room' is a Fox News production.

  5. Imus: NY Gov. Paterson is a Phony

    Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund CEO Bill White on New York Gov. David Paterson wanting to be on the Imus Show.

  6. Afghanistan Matters Because of Pakistan

    President Obama is taking his time deciding what to do next in Afghanistan . Never mind that he’s rethinking a war he declared a "war of necessity" just a few shor...

  7. Obama Doesn't Deserve Peace Prize

    The Nobel Prize Committee has done something extraordinary. It has awarded the world’s most prestigious prize for preventing and savings lives, for avoiding or endin...

  8. Time for a Hail Mary On Iran

    Iran ’s nuclear game is in the final quarter, they’re ahead and they’re playing out the clock. If they can string us along with diplomacy for a few more months, and ...

  9. Capitalism's Good Side

    Heidi Krauel and Jeremy Newberger on 'The New Recruits', a film on the positive things brought about by capitalism.

  10. Your Portfolio and The Year That Was

    Eric breaks down where the markets stand a year after the financial meltdown.

  11. Why Iran Could Be Obama's Defining Moment

    President Obama has just been presented with what could be the defining moment of his presidency and perhaps a defining moment in world history. On the eve of his sp...

  12. ACORN Debate Rages On

    The Happy Hour crew breaks down the latest news surrounding the organization.

  1. Who’s Watching You Online?

    We break down the future of consumer privacy.

  2. Back-to-School Hits the Road

    We break down what consumers are expecting from back-to-school sales, and what will keep you going the rest of the summer.

  3. SECrecy: Will it Stand?

    Will lawmakers head back to the drawing board over financial reform?

  4. Lone Soldier Becomes the Decisive Factor in Afghanistan

    What’s likely to be the decisive factor in the Afghanistan War and just about every war from now on? Wikileaks .You heard me….it won’t be drone aircraft, or smart bo...

  5. Chasing After Bonuses

    We break down whether pay czar Kenneth Feinberg will get banks to return bonuses handed out in 2008.

  6. Apple's Appeal

    Clayton Morris, co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend, on the tech giant's reaction to the fallout over problems with the iPhone 4.

  7. Kevin Rudolf on Making it in Music Business

    Kevin Rudolf talks about how he knew he really made it as a musician.

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