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The War on Business

More Americans see middle-class status sinking

FBN’s Charlie Gasparino, Steve Moore of Heritage and John Silvia of Wells Fargo discuss the economy and income prosperity.

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  1. Hollywood presenting an anti-business agenda?

    Rentrak senior media analyst Paul Dergarabedian on the new ‘Lego’ movie and its anti-business message.

  2. Papa John talks business and pizza

    Papa John CEO John Schnatter on the environment for business and the Super Bowl

  3. Over-regulation hurting businesses and the economy?

    FBN’s David Asman argues there is currently an anti-business economy in the U.S.

  4. Gutfeld: Economic freedom is on the march... except in US

    USA no longer one of the top 10 most economically free countries

  5. What is America's most pressing problem?

    Lou Dobbs explains how we can make the fix in his new book 'UPHEAVAL'

  6. My People of the Year ... The C-Suite

    Drum roll please. My official people of the year are… the CEOs, CFOs and all of those hardworking Americans who have found a way to help their respective corporation...

  7. Obama faces record-low approval rating

    FNC contributor Tamara Holder and 'The Independents' co-host Matt Welch on President Obama's low approval ratings.

  8. Are unions out of control?

    Employment Policy Institute research director Michael Saltsman and FNC's Alan Colmes discuss protests and wage demands.

  9. Inflation: Good or Bad?

    Former Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas VP Gerald O'Driscoll on the Fed and inflation.

  10. Who’s protecting the consumer? Executive director Bonnie Patten on protecting consumers against deceptive advertising.

  11. What are the 7 silent business killers?

    Steven Blue says there are 7 silent business killers that can lead to the death of a business

  12. 4 to Watch: Business Leaders Turning on GOP Over Shutdown?

    Shutdown causing rift between Republicans and business?Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.comAs the shutdown nears the end of week two, business groups are ...

  1. Will Plastic Bag Fees Hurt Small Business?

    On Wednesday, the city of Dallas passed a 5-cent fee on plastic bags, and city council members in New York City introduced a proposal that would place a 10-cent fee on such bags.  Here’s what small business groups had to say about the proposals.

  2. Biz Groups: Overtime Expansion Means Less Jobs

    Business advocates say expanding overtime pay for millions of workers will hurt small businesses the most.

  3. Gov. Cuomo to Entrepreneurs: Startup in New York

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the Start-Up NY program is proof that New York is a business-friendly state.

  4. Governor Cuomo talks taxes, economy

    Governor Andrew Cuomo, (D-N.Y.), on New York’s economy, taxes, and Start-Up NY.

  5. 3 races hold key to Republican control of the Senate?

    Fox News contributor Scott Brown weighs in

  6. Special Report Online: 2/19/14

    Where do things stand with Syria?

  7. Is the ‘Lego Movie’ anti-business ?

    Human Events’ senior writer John Hayward weighs in on the themes of the ‘Lego Movie.’

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