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Is the World Broke?

Markets close at near-session lows editor Jeff Reeves shares his strategy for investing in today’s market.

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  1. Timothy Geithner: It’s not rocket science

    FNC’s Bret Baier on his interview with former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and his comments on mortgage reform and the economy.

  2. Viewer reaction: Did President’s bow to a robot make America look weak?

    FBN’s Charles Payne on President Obama bowing to a robot in Japan.

  3. Does the U.S. have any influence in the Ukraine crisis?

    Kissinger Associates Inc. Vice Chairman Robert Hormats on the latest on the crisis in Ukraine.

  4. 24-year-old candidate plans to shake up politics

    Pennsylvania congressional candidate Nick Troiano on the rising debt crisis.

  5. Democrats losing millennial support

    Michelle Fields, Ashley Pratte and Igor Volsky on why millennials are abandoning the Democratic Party.

  6. An April Fools' Fantasy

    As soon as I opened my eyes, I knew something was different. The sunlight streaming in through the bay window felt warm, not painfully bright, as it often did. The b...

  7. What issues matter most to millennials?

    Political Prospect editor Kayleigh McEnany weighs in on the issues that matter most to millennials in the U.S.

  8. Immigration Reform Group Launches 'Job Loss' Clock

    Compete America, which counts Microsoft, Intel and Google among its members, launched a new online clock today which takes its cues from the U.S. national debt clock.

  9. Washington's Budget Celebration is Premature

    Cue the confetti, budget woes are a thing of the past. That's at least what some observers would have the public believe. Not because the budget is in balance. Not b...

  10. Jack Lew: U.S. Default Could Happen Quickly

    The Obama administration warned on Monday it could start defaulting on the government's obligations "very soon" after hitting a limit on the national debt later this...

  11. Republicans Don't Want Debt Default, Boehner Says

    House Speaker John Boehner on Thursday said defaulting on the national debt is "the wrong thing." "We don't want to do that," Boehner told reporters at a House Repub...

  12. What You Want to Hear from Obama Tonight

    The president will lay out his priorities for 2014 Tuesday night in his annual State of the Union address so we decided to hit the streets of New York City to hear w...

  1. Economy under President Obama hurting Democrats’ election chances?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the economy under the Obama Administration.

  2. President Obama viewing the economy through rose colored glasses?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the Obama Administration’s effort to put a positive spin on the economy ahead of the midterm elections.

  3. CBO: Federal debt to reach 74% of GDP in FY ‘14

    Advantage Payroll Services president Rob Basso, V2V Associates managing partner Rob Morgan , and FBN’s Rich Edson on the Congressional Budget Office’s report on the U.S. economy’s health.

  4. Can the government curb its overspending ways?

    ‘Grow a Pair’ author Larry Winget on the steps to reining in the government’s debt.

  5. Former Sen. Scott Brown: Israel has every right to defend itself

    Former Sen. Scott Brown, (R-Mass.), on the border crisis, the Israel-Hamas conflict and U.S. tensions with Russia.

  6. Stossel 06/26/14: Crapitalism

    Stossel takes on crony capitalism and the Export-Import Bank

  7. Generation X inheriting the greatest debtor nation in history?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on America’s mounting national debt .

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