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Sequestration is a set of across-the-board federal spending cuts set to kick in on March 1 if Congress doesn’t take action. Economists expect the sequester to pose a drag of roughly 0.6-percentage point to the still fragile U.S. economy in 2013.

Small Business Owners Still Worried About Obamacare, Sequester

A recent survey from Adecco showed that 40% of small business owners are worried about the impact of new tax laws in the year ahead.

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  1. Should Congress have a say on potential U.S.-Iran deal?

    Senator Jeff Flake, (R- AZ), on whether the U.S. should make a nuclear deal with Iran.

  2. Have NATO, President Obama written off Ukraine?

    FNC military analyst Gen. Jack Keane on the latest on ISIS and Ukraine.

  3. Have NATO, President Obama written off Ukraine?

    FNC military analyst Gen. Jack Keane on the latest on ISIS and Ukraine.

  4. Rep. Babin on the Ukraine crisis, Obama’s strategy against ISIS

    Rep. Brian Babin, (R-TX), discusses his tenure so far serving in the House of Representatives, President Obama’s strategy to defeat ISIS and the Ukraine crisis.

  5. Will U.S. pay down its debt?

    Live at the World Money Show, FBN’s Charles Payne answers a question from the audience about the national debt.

  6. Will cutting unemployment benefits be good for the job market?

    FBN’s Cheryl Casone, Fross & Fross Wealth Management Co-Founder Thom Fross and Portfolio Wealth Advisors Co-Founder Lee Muson on cutting unemployment benefits, job creation and if the Fed needs an audit.

  7. Do we need more defense spending?

    FNC’s Lea Gabrielle discusses President Obama’s plans for defense spending.

  8. President Obama unveils $4T budget

    Rep. Tom Price, (R-Ga.), and FBN’s Neil Cavuto on the Obama Administration’s budget proposal.

  9. Can the Obama Administration’s budget proposal pass?

    Cornerstone Macro policy analyst Andy Laperriere on the Obama Administration’s budget proposal.

  10. Breaking down Obama’s $4T budget

    FBN’s Peter Barnes breaks down the details of President Obama’s $4 trillion budget proposal.

  11. President Obamas $4T budget

    FBN’s Peter Barnes, FOX Business Contributor Jon Hilsenrath and Nuveen Asset Management Chief Equity Strategist Bob Doll discuss Obama’s 2016 budget proposal.

  12. Obama’s budget plan dead on arrival?

    Former Senator Scott Brown, (R-Mass.), discusses President Obama’s budget plan and his outlook for the 2016 elections.

  1. Neil’s Spiel: Tax cut plan

    Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas), on Neil’s tax plan to cut 10% spending to all programs.

  2. Outlook for Congressional budget battle

    Heritage Foundation Chief Economist Steve Moore discusses the latest on the D.C. budget battle.

  3. Entitlement cuts, tax hikes necessary to rein in government debt?

    Former Sen. Scott Brown, (R-Mass.), and FBN’s Neil Cavuto on what is needed to tackle America’s mounting debt.

  4. The House GOP budget cuts $5.5T

    Economist Ben Stein, Conservative Columnist Gina Loudon and 'The Accountability Project' Executive Director Nomiki Konst on the House GOP budget cuts and whether they will hurt government programs.

  5. Federal audit shows massive fraud with Social Security Senior Political Reporter Guy Benson, National Review's John Fund and The Weekly Standard’s Fred Barnes on Social Security fraud, U.S. debt and the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

  6. Intuit’s effort to stop tax fraud under scrutiny

    Identity Theft 911 founder Adam Levin and TurboTax whistleblower Shane MacDougall on growing concerns Intuit isn’t doing enough to protect TurboTax customers.

  7. Supreme Court hears second challenge to ObamaCare

    FBN’s Rich Edson on the Supreme Court hearing the second major challenge to the Affordable Care Act.

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