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Saint Patrick's Day

What small businesses can learn from March Madness

The Party Goddess! CEO Marley Majcher on branding lessons from the basketball tournament

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  1. President Obama acting inappropriately?

    FNC’s Brian Kilmeade weighs in on President Obama, Russia and Pete Rose.

  2. Is Washington standing in the way of business?

    Reaction from Bennigan's CEO Paul Mangiamele

  3. The Hollywood and Vine panel talks Lady Gaga, ‘Frozen’

    The Hollywood and Vine panel weighs in on Lady Gaga and Disney’s ‘Frozen’.

  4. Father Jonathan Morris on the Bible, Pope Francis

    FOX News contributor Father Jonathan Morris on the Bible, Pope Francis and the Vatican.

  5. Being proud of your heritage

    Tip of the Day 3/17

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  7. Pricing beer like stocks

    Hell’s Kitchen Hospitality Group owners Tony Doyle and Brian Connell on how they use beer supply and customer demand to adjust their prices throughout the day.

  8. Gutfeld: Is 'yawn and whine' the new 'rise and shine'?

    Advice for America's sleepy teens

  9. Cavuto: Putin is lying through his 'lass'

    Crimea vote 'landslide' go too far?

  10. Happy homecoming as airman surprises family

    Air Force Technical Sgt. Justin Bright returns home early from the latest tours in Afghanistan

  11. Irish dancing hits America

    Heartbeat of Home producer John McColgan and lead dancer Emma Warren talk the business of Irish dancing.

  12. A taste of Irish whiskey on St. Patrick’s Day

    Bushmills Master of Whiskey Gerry Graham on the company and the future of Irish whiskey sales.

  1. Bill Nye on climate facts vs. myths

    ‘The Science Guy’ Bill Nye on the extent to which humans are creating climate change.

  2. Greg Gutfeld on being uncool

    FNC’s Greg Gutfeld on why it’s lame for politicians to be cool.

  3. Which teams are in your Final Four brackets?

    The Vinnie from Queens panel weighs in on Phil Jackson, Jim Irsay, their Final Four brackets and Michael Vick.

  4. Stuart Varney on missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

    FBN’s Stuart Varney on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and Janet Yellen’s speech.

  5. Grapevine: Detroit losing money on parking tickets?

    Costs more to write, process in the city

  6. 3 Spring Cleaning Tips for Small Business

    Spring cleaning is not only for households. For small business owners, springtime is a reminder to get things in order.

  7. Independents After Show: Alexis Ohanian on an open Internet

    Entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian on the blows the U.S. has dealt to the open Internet.

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