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Yellen considering more regulation on banks

Heritage Capital president Paul Schatz and JPMorgan Private Bank CIO Richard Madigan discuss the state of the banks and markets.

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  1. Are Crowdfunding Deals Safe Real Estate Investments?

    The latest trend for people trying to raise money for ventures of all types is called crowdfunding or crowdsourcing — where people pool their money to support projec...

  2. What’s the difference between Yellen and Bernanke?

    Former Dallas Fed Vice President Gerald O’Driscoll on Janet Yellen and the Fed.

  3. Twitter's Financials Mirror Dotcom-Era

    Many investors are salivating at the prospect of getting a piece of Twitter's much-hyped initial public offering, hoping to ride the social network's coattails all t...

  4. Prospect Capital has size, diversification and a few Clydesdales

    NEW YORK, Oct 24 (RLPC) - Prospect Capital Corp , the second-largest actively managed business development company (BDC), is banking on its heft and diverse strategy...

  5. The Problem With the Internet Economy

    "[Web 2.0] screws the middle class. Only the aggregator (like Google, for instance) gets rich, while the actual producers of content get poor." – Internet pioneer Ja...

  6. VCs, Facebook 'Like' Israeli Startups

    High-tech startups in Israel received $660 million in funding in Q3, the strongest quarter since 2000, according to IVC Research Center and KPMG.

  7. 10 Big Legal Mistakes Made by Startups

     As lawyers and venture capitalists involved with startups, we have seen plenty of legal mistakes made by entrepreneurs and startup companies. Here are some of the most common and problematic ones.     

  8. iCrowd's Guide to Raising Capital on the Web

    Thanks to the SEC’s lifting of the general solicitation ban, startups and entrepreneurs can now raise cash more freely on the Web. Here’s how to do it effectively, from iCrowd’s own John Callaghan.

  9. ICrowd’s tips for raising capital online’s Kate Rogers with iCrowd co-founder John Callaghan on how entrepreneurs can raise capital online now that the SEC has lifted its ban on advertising and solicitation.

  10. Gender Bias at Twitter?

    On the heels of last week's Twitter IPO filing , a New York Times article took aim at the social media company's male-dominated leadership, sparking a debate over ge...

  11. Obama: You can't shut down ObamaCare. It's the law

    President delivers remarks over government shutdown standoff

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  1. Yellen Preps for More Fed Wholesale Funding Rules

    The Federal Reserve is mulling additional regulations on banks to ensure that short-term wholesale fund markets don't freeze up again like they did at the beginning ...

  2. Financial sector a ‘buy’ despite short-term concerns?

    Stifel Nicolaus Managing Director David Lutz, Strategic Wealth Partners President Mark Tepper, Tethys Partners Chief Market Strategist Bob Iaccino and FBN’s Jo Ling Kent on the sectors to boost investors’ portfolios.

  3. Can You Network to Investors Through Twitter?

    In this era of social networking, is there a faster way to get VCs to pay attention to your startup?

  4. What to Know Before Raising a Seed Round

    Minutes before the first meeting of my startup’s seed round, a wise advisor pulled me aside. “This is going to be wild,” he warned, with a knowing smile. “Brace yourself.” Here are eight things that I know now that I wish I’d known then. 

  5. Double-standard in perceptions of bank, tech executive pay?

    Patriot National Bank Chairman Michael Carrazza on the differences in pay for tech company executives versus those at banks.

  6. Three Financial Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

    Here are the most common money mistakes made by today’s entrepreneurs.

  7. Alibaba to set up mobile gaming platform in China

    InMobi North America VP Crid Yu on Alibaba’s plan to move into the mobile gaming world.

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