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GoDaddy to raise up to $418M in IPO

Telis Demos of The Wall Street Journal discusses GoDaddy’s IPO and business model.

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  1. BNP N. America CEO bullish on economy

    BNP Paribas North America CEO Jean-Yves Fillion weighs in on the economy and how clients are benefitting from a low-rate environment.

  2. Improving startups’ access to capital

    FlashFunders founder Vincent Bradley on how the platform gives startups more efficient access to funding.

  3. Softtech VC founder on investing in startups

    Softtech VC founder Jeff Clavier discusses investing in early stage start-ups.

  4. U.S., EU hit Russia with new sanctions

    FBN’s Rich Edson on the latest sanctions issued by the U.S. and European Union against Russia.

  5. New Russian sanctions take aim at oil companies

    ETX Capital’s Mark Priest on the latest sanctions against Russia and the European markets.

  6. Do women-led ventures do better on Kickstarter?

    Jilliene Helman, CEO of Realty Mogul, and Kickstarter’s Julie Wood weigh in on the benefits Kickstarter provides for professional women.

  7. Having your cannabis dreams funded

    Arcview CEO Troy Dayton on the types of businesses investors are looking for when it comes to marijuana.

  8. Hedge funds pumping money into real estate

    Walkers global managing partner Ingrid Pierce on the hedge fund industry trends.

  9. Energy to lead to manufacturing boom?

    Kissinger Associates vice chairman Robert Hormats and V2V Associates managing partner Rob Morgan discuss the state of energy in the U.S.

  10. Where to invest today

    Crescent Capital Group co-founder Mark Attanasio gives tips for investing in the markets.

  11. Capitalizing on the $1.5T alternative investment marketplace

    FNEX CEO Todd Ryden on his online marketplace for alternative investments.

  12. Lessons of Rapid Growth, Business Loyalty

     Serial entrepreneur David Steinberg has hit the highest highs and lowest lows in creating three $100 million businesses over the past decade. Here’s what he’s learned, and why he is more cautious than ever with his current venture, Zeta Interactive.

  1. ‘Transmission’ mobile logistics system connects shippers and truckers

    Transmission Founder Jason Cahill gives his elevator pitch on his ‘Transmission’ mobile logistics marketplace and the judges weigh in.

  2. Evan Bayh: When it comes to bank regulation, we’ve gone too far

    Former Indiana Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh explains the importance of cooperation between the public and private sectors to combat the growing threat of cyber warfare on American firms.

  3. How crowd funding will change in 2015 Founder and CEO Steven Dresner discusses, crowd funding in 2015 and the top Kickstarter campaigns of the year.

  4. 2015 IPOs you can’t miss

    PwC Deals Partner Neil Dhar on the outlook for the IPO market.

  5. Lender to small biz OnDeck debuts on NYSE

    OnDeck Founder Mitch Jacobs on debuting on the NYSE and the company’s bid to make a splash in the peer-to-peer lending space.

  6. Competitive spinning heads to NYC

    Swerve Fitness Founders Eric Posner, Chelsea Kocis and J.H. McNierney discuss team competition spinning classes heading to Wall Street.

  7. Corporate VC on the Rise

    David Horowitz, CEO of Touchdown Ventures, on why we are seeing a rise in corporate venture capital.

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