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Yemeni Protests

Syria's Christians on front lines of civil war

Is the Syrian Christian community facing religious persecution?

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  1. Lingering Crisis in Cairo Dims Egypt's Economic Outlook

    With Egypt's economy still licking its wounds from the 2011 revolution, the latest political stalemate gripping Cairo and capturing the world's attention threatens t...

  2. Defcon 3: 6/5/2013

    Debate whether to close Gitmo resurfaces, how you can support wounded warriors, and what challenges are facing US Mexico relations?

  3. Analyst thinks Boston bombings to likely have overseas link

    Author says explosions indicate 'hallmark of Islamist style attacks'

  4. Obama abusing power with drone policy?

    Imagine if past presidents had tried to employ drones like Obama. Former presidential candidate Rick Santorum sounds off

  5. OMV 4Q Production Decreased Due to Protests in Libya, Unrest in Yemen

    Austrian oil and gas company OMV AG (OMV.VI) said Friday fourth-quarter production decreased on the quarter due to unrest in Libya and Yemen as well as a planned mai...

  6. Full episode: 'Red Eye' 1/25/13

    Dana Perino, Sherrod Small, Will Rahn weigh in on 'cute aggression'

  7. Dollar squeeze adds to economic hardship in Sudan

    Scanning his company's 2012 financial statement, El Rashid El Amin Hamid, head of Sudan's biggest pharmaceutical maker, should be celebrating - sales shot up 70 perc...

  8. Marking the two year anniversary of the Arab Spring

    What nations should US be concerned about?

  9. Defcon3: 1/2/2013

    How defense cuts impacts U.S. national security, foreign policy challenges facing U.S. and Al Qaeda offers bounty for U.S. Ambassador

  10. U.S. Relationship With Egypt at Risk?

    Foundation for the Defense of Democracies’ Clifford May and Center for Security Policy’ Frank Gaffney on how the protests in Egypt could impact the country’s relationship with the U.S. and the Middle East peace process.

  11. Protests Continue Against Egyptian President Morsi’s Powers

    FNC contributors John Bolton and Judith Miller on the protests in Europe and the situation in Syria.

  12. Obama's foreign policy explained

    President Obama,the Next 4 Years: Foreign Policy - Has a 'leading from behind' approach weakened US standing worlwide?

  1. Obama: America must be vigilant in the face of threats

    President addresses changes to NSA data collection

  2. Is entrepreneurship on the rise in the Middle East?

    Christopher Schroeder describes the region’s business mindset since the Arab Spring

  3. Defcon 3: 8/14/2013

    Violence erupts in Egypt, rise of terrorism in Yemen , and a look at President Obama's foreign policy positions

  4. Power Play 8/7/2013

    Air war escalates In Yemen , security worries over Obamacare data hub, and Maureen Dowd pans HRC flicks

  5. Oil Slips Below $108

    Brent crude oil slipped briefly below $108 a barrel on Monday after euro zone data showed retail sales declined across the board for the first time in three months, ...

  6. Oil Eases Amid China Worries

    Oil prices fell on Friday on worries over a looming Chinese economic slowdown and decades-high oil output in the United States but stayed just above $107 per barrel ...

  7. Special Report Online: 7/03/13

    Reaction to WH response to Egypt uprising

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