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Wisconsin Protests

Gov. Chris Christie speaks at CPAC

New Jersey governor speaks at annual conference for conservative activists

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  1. Wallace Unplugged: Monday Edition 2/18

    Republicans continue to block Hagel nomination

  2. Fox News Reporting: Cities Going Broke

    Services gone, jobs lost and citizens left asking why is there no solution?

  3. S&P Downgrades Illinois’ Debt Rating to A-Minus

    The Illinois Policy Institute’s Ted Debrowski on the national impact of Illinois debt problems.

  4. Unions to blame for membership drop?

    Report: Unions lost 400,000 members in 2012

  5. 400,000 Workers Left Unions Last Year

    Miller & Long President Brett McMahon on the decline in union membership.

  6. Brian and Stuart Varney

    Brian and Stuart Varney

  7. Insight: How Republicans engineered a blow to Michigan's powerful unions

    LANSING, Michigan (Reuters) - As a trained aerospace engineer, Patrick Colbeck applied his penchant for data analysis and "systematic approach" to his new job in ear...

  8. Right-to-work vs. Big Labor

    Steven Crowder, Andrew Sullivan battle over Michigan law

  9. Can Unions Appeal Michigan’s New Right-to-Work Status?

    Heritage Foundation Senior Policy Analyst James Sherk and Merlin’s Law Group founder Chip Merlin on Michigan’s new right-to-work laws.

  10. Fallout from Michigan becoming 24th right-to-work state

    GOP state senator: This is about freedom of choice

  11. Inside a 'bold and historic day' in Michigan

    State Senate Majority leader on why right-to-work legislation is good for Michigan

  12. Tempers flare as union members get physical

    Michigan lawmakers pass new labor rules

  1. 2010 Redux: Team Obama goes all in on global warming

    2010 all over again? Plus - Can ObamaCare delay save Dems? And unions are reeling after Tennessee loss.

  2. Conservative activist witch hunt in Wisconsin ?

    Wisconsin Club for Growth files civil rights lawsuit, alleging political retaliation for allegiance to Gov. Scott Walker

  3. Do unions deserve sweetheart ObamaCare deal?

    What about exemptions for other Americans?

  4. Time to scrap public pensions before they all go bust?

    Growing concerns public pension costs may push more cities into bankruptcy

  5. The Blob Strikes Back

    Stossel looks at a charter school in Oakland that may be shut down and examines school choices and education unions

  6. InsiderUnions


  7. Govs. Markell, Walker prepare for sequestration

    Will looming budget cuts squeeze states into recession?

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