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West Bank

The Foxhole: 50th anniversary of the Beatles' US invasion

British Ambassador to the United States Sir Peter Westmacott on the rock band's impact on US, UK. Plus - How should the West negotiate with Syria?

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  1. Secretary Kerry in Israel for Middle East peace talks

    Kerry meeting with Israeli PM Netanyahu

  2. Secretary Kerry on verge of Mideast breakthrough?

    Secretary of state in Israel for new round of peace talks

  3. Bolton: Real Mideast peace agreement 'completely impossible'

    Former UN ambassador weighs in on Kerry's trip to Israel

  4. Thomas Friedman on fading foreign news

    New York Times columnist sits down with Howard Kurtz

  5. Stossel 12/05/2013: I Play One on TV

    Stossel is joined by actor Kevin Sorbo and others to take a critical look at hypocrisy in Hollywood

  6. Administration lobbying Netanyahu over Iran nuke deal

    Will Kerry be able to sell agreement?

  7. Rise and fall of a military civilian and economic warrior

    Blackwater Security founder hitting back

  8. Obama: UN must enforce ban on chemical weapons in Syria

    President addresses United Nations General Assembly

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  10. US cancels planned military exercise in Egypt amid violence

    Reva Bhalla of STRATFOR Intelligence reacts to President Obama's statement on Egypt

  11. DefCon 3 7/17/2013

    Is the US losing leverage in Iraq? Where are US-Russian relations headed? And challenges facing Middle East peace talks. KT McFarland and guests discuss

  12. Challenges facing Middle East peace talks

    Aaron David Miller on the prospects for an agreement between Israelis and Palestinians

  1. Israel claims it foiled Al Qaeda plot to attack US embassy

    Leland Vittert reports from Jerusalem

  2. Thomas Friedman remembers Ariel Sharon

    Thomas Friedman of The New York Times remembers the former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

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  4. Ariel Sharon dead at 85

    One of Israel's most iconic and controversial figures had been in a coma since he suffered a stroke in 2006

  5. Judith Miller on Ariel Sharon's 'grave' condition

    Hospital says former Israeli prime minister's health is declining

  6. Al Qaeda no longer on the run in Iraq, Syria

    To President Obama's dismay, al Qaeda appears to be resurgent in Iraq and Syria. Why?

  7. Peace talks continue between Israeli and Palestinian leaders

    Amb John Bolton discuss the possibility of lasting peace

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