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Pelosi: Dick Cheney 'set the tone' for CIA torture

Reaction from former VP's daughter, Liz Cheney

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  1. Rutgers protests Condoleezza Rice as graduation speaker

    Professor explains why he signed the petition

  2. Polls: Americans unhappy with state of government, economy

    Reaction from radio hosts Jason Lewis and Alan Colmes

  3. New focus on role of CIA official in Benghazi controversy

    Report sheds light on post-attack narrative

  4. Two media outlets publish 9/11 mastermind's manifesto

    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed reveals thoughts in new document

  5. Impact of lane closure flap on Christie's political future?

    NJ governor apologizes, fires aide

  6. Families of Benghazi victims press House to investigate

    Speaker Boehner asked to create select committee

  7. Is Instagram envy real?

    Photos suggest fabulous lives

  8. Should hazing be allowed in the NFL?

    Tony Powell, Mike Gunzelman, Lou Rufino and Warner Wolf weigh in on the Miami Dolphins’ bullying scandal, the Knicks and Nets, college football and sideline reporters.

  9. Security questioned after Libyan PM kidnapped, released

    Reaction from former CIA officer Mike Baker

  10. Paris Hilton releases new single with Lil Wayne

    Socialite records 'Good Times' with rapper

  11. 7th grader suspended for small gun keychain

    School officials say 2-inch trinket violated zero tolerance policy

  12. Fox Flash: Man vs. shark

    Elliot Sudal pulls 7-foot beast from the ocean

  1. Does Feinstein's 'emotional' opposition taint CIA report?

    KT McFarland reacts to Hayden's comments on objectiveness of interrogation probe

  2. Jose Rodriguez, Jr. defends CIA's interrogation program

    Former head of the CIA's national clandestine service weighs in

  3. Vote to release CIA interrogation report reignites debate

    Part of 6,300-page review on 'enhanced' methods like waterboarding to be declassified

  4. Soldier's three homecoming surprises go viral

    Specialist Mason Miller returns home

  5. Missing plane: media off course

    Lack of facts doesn't stop cable talkathon on missing jet

  6. Rove blasts Rutgers over Rice

    Reaction to university's snub of former Secretary of State

  7. Rove: IRS targeting of 'Crossroads' no coincidence

    Fox News contributor/former Bush adviser gives his take on Lois Lerner's 'smoking gun' email on his 'Crossroads GPS' group, blames President Obama for creating environment for IRS targeting and sounds off on Rutgers-Condi Rice controversy

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