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War In Libya

Is Obama administration tiptoeing around 'terrorism'?

Insight from Fox News terrorism analyst Walid Phares

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  1. The World's Police

    Does the U.S. need to act as the world's police? Stossel and guests debate a military strike against Syria, the politics of war and to what extent foreign aid helps poor nations

  2. Did Obama's UN comments help Syria situation?

    Obama says serious threats to governments, diplomats, businesses and civilians across the globe remain. Christian Whiton and Adam Housley discuss

  3. Can the UN Security Council help with Syria?

    Fox News’ UN Correspondent Jonathan Wachtel joins Brian to discuss what the United Nations has been doing to help in the Syrian crisis.

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  5. What did Reps. Issa, Chaffetz think of Obama's speech?

    Did the president persuade the nation about Syria?

  6. VIDEO: Krauthammer: Obama has 'nowhere to go' on Syria

    Krauthammer told viewers Tuesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that the Russians have backed President Obama into a corner on Syria…leaving him without the option of American military action.

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  8. Power Play 9/6/2013: Democrat's in disarray

    The politics of Syria: what is going on in the democratic party? And what is going on at the NSA? Chris Stirewalt and guests discuss

  9. White House: Chemical attacks make Syria top security risk

    The Heritage Foundation’s Peter Brookes on the challenges facing the Obama Administration

  10. Brian Kilmeade and Pete Hegseth

    Brian Kilmeade and Pete Hegseth

  11. White House Confusing Syria With Libya ?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs compares Libya with Syria.

  12. Senate panel approves Syria resolution: What's next?

    Obama clears first hurdle, but vote offers no guarantees

  1. 'March Madness': Breaking down the Elite Eight

    Peter Johnson, Jr. weighs in

  2. Breaking down our Sweet 16 of constitutional violations

    Bracket highlights White House lawlessness

  3. Constitutional madness

    Fox and Friends takes a look at a bracket that breaks down the unconstitutional 'champion'

  4. The Foxhole: How is US diplomacy viewed in the world today?

    American Enterprise Institute's Michael Rubin on how the US strategy of establishing a dialogue might not be our best course of action

  5. Book unveils shocking details about Clinton's Benghazi role

    Author of 'The Benghazi Report' explains

  6. Legal experts debate the changes in presidential power

    Nicholas Rosenkranz, Jonathan Turley sound the alarm on how the country is run

  7. Sinjar Records reemerge after 2011's Libyan rebel uprising

    Renewed attention on connection to Al Qaeda fighters

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