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Walter Mondale

Why Beckel has trouble defending Obama

Former Democratic strategist carries liberal banner at 5 o'clock

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  1. How badly was ObamaCare rollout bungled?

    Reaction from Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer

  2. Krauthammer on his book Things That Matter

    Krauthammer speaks about his new book Things that Matter awhy he left his practice to become involved in politics

  3. Special Report Online: 10/9/13

    Politics continue in gov't slimdown drama

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  5. Secretary Jack Lew on whether US will default on its debt

    Treasury secretary on 'Fox News Sunday'

  6. Reaction to Cruz's stand on the Senate floor

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  7. Beckel: Zimmerman Won’t Be Convicted

    FOX’s Bob Beckel says he thinks Zimmerman is guilty, but will walk.

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  9. Press continues love affair with Obama

    Bernie Goldberg gives his take on White House Correspondents’ Dinner 2013

  10. Full Episode: 'Red Eye' 4/11/13

    Jim Norton, Jedediah Bila and Richard Grenell discuss Anthony Weiner's possible run for mayor of NYC

  11. Fox News Reporting: Fight to the Finish

    In 2008, Democrats rode Barack Obama's coattails to large congressional majorities. Two years later, calls for 'change' came from the opposite end of the political spectrum

  12. Power Play 11/6/12

    Election Day big picture, House balance of power, and Democrats supreme confidence.

  1. Is President Obama a 'reverse Ronald Reagan'?

    President's policies more popular than he is?

  2. An evolution to conservative politics

    ‘Things That Matter’ author Charles Krauthammer on his ideological evolution to conservatism.

  3. Did Oprah's race remarks hurt her brand?

    Allen West reacts to the media mogul's comments

  4. Fox News Reporting Charles Krauthammer – A Life that Matters

    Bret Baier profiles Pulitzer prize-winning columnist Charles Krauthammer and examines his extraordinary life

  5. A Moment With Tom: 'Don't Force It'

    Comedian releasing a new album every month for a year

  6. 'Things That Matter' to Charles Krauthammer

    Columnist and Fox News political analyst looks back on career in new book, weighs in on potential longterm impact of the ObamaCare rollout debacle

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