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Voter ID Law

Voter’s rights at risk in certain states?

FBN’s Lou Dobbs on President Obama’s comments on voter’s rights.

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  1. DOJ takes on Texas, North Carolina over voter ID laws

    Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott on the Department of Justice’s lawsuits over voter ID laws.

  2. Voter ID law sparks federal lawsuit

    Holder to sue North Carolina over voting restrictions

  3. Meet political rising star Ross Miller

    Nevada secretary of state on 'Fox & Friends'

  4. Is Government’s $5B Lawsuit Against S&P Retaliation?

    FNC senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on the government’s lawsuit against S&P.

  5. Are today's black leaders distorting civil rights history?

    Juan Williams sounds off

  6. Voter ID laws give way to new fight

    Richard Fowler, Katie Pavlich have heated debate

  7. Reflecting on 50 years since 'I Have a Dream' speech

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  8. The state of race in America

    Presidents Obama, Clinton and Carter to honor 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King speech

  9. The American dream and civil rights

    Talking Points 8/26

  10. 082613_tpm_800


  11. Power Play 8/26/2013: Obama waiting for UN on Syria?

    Will Obama wait for UN on Syria strike? Are the President's former advisers cashing in on ObamaCare? Plus - voter ID laws under fire. Chris and guests discuss

  12. Democratic group targets voter ID laws

    Mike Emanuel reports from Washington, D.C.

  1. Hollywood 'Hustle' playing out in Philadelphia?

    Reaction from Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock

  2. Federal judge rules in favor of voter ID laws in Kansas, Arizona

    Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach on the state’s voter identification law.

  3. Why won't the NAACP denounce Rev. William Barber?

    Barber is accusing conservatives of using African Americans to help cause

  4. Obama upside down one year after second inaugural

    Obama's troubling poll numbers. Plus - Biden unloads on voter ID laws

  5. Power Play 1/20/14: Social issues resurgent

    Social issues like marijuana, abortion take center stage in 2014. Plus - ObamaCare's 'mandate meltdown'

  6. Gutfeld: Apartheid in America? Jesse Jackson is way off-base

    If I were South African, I'd be peeved

  7. Stossel 10/10/2013: Selling Victimhood

    Do some entitlements kill ambition? Stossel and guests analyze programs like food stamps, welfare and disability insurance

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