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Voter ID Law

Court order blocks immigration executive action

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted on growing concerns over the Obama Administration’s executive action on immigration.

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  1. Why are leaders having difficulty labeling our government?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs defines the U.S. government.

  2. Voter’s rights at risk in certain states?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on President Obama’s comments on voter’s rights.

  3. First Lady Makes Claims of Voter Suppression in Presidential Election

    South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson on the First Lady’s claims of voter suppression, Michigan becoming a right-to-work state and the deadline for states to decide on health exchanges.

  4. Election Night Swing State Cheat Sheet

    If you want to know what states a candidate is worried about carrying, just follow his campaign trail.Republican Mitt Romney appeared in three different events acros...

  5. Analysis: Options traders get set for fiscal cliff, close vote

    Options traders in the U.S. stock market are getting their bets in place in case the U.S. economy tumbles down the "fiscal cliff," or worse, if the U.S. presidential...

  6. Don't let a vote raise your car insurance

    New laws in 11 states require that citizens show some form of government identification to vote.While that requirement can be met with many types of photo ID, such a...

  7. Obama Administration’s Impact on Race in America

    “Blackwards” author Ron Christie on the President’s impact on race relations.

  8. Texas Voter ID Law Struck Down by Federal Panel

    Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott on the state’s voter identification law.

  9. How Rampant is Voter Fraud in America?

    The American Spectator Senior Editor John Fund on efforts in a number of states to pass voter identification laws.

  10. Why is the Administration Opposing States’ Voter ID Laws?

    “Who’s Counting” author John Fund on state efforts to have stricter voter identification laws across the country.

  11. Obama Going Back to Teleprompter to Avoid Gaffes

    Former Reagan Political Director Ed Rollins and FNC’s Juan Williams debate the president’s campaigning ability.

  12. Justice Dept. Challenges Texas’ Voter ID Law in Court

    Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott on the Justice Department’s effort to block the state’s voter - identification law.

  1. Stossel 10/16/2014: We the people

    'Founder John' discusses the importance of the Constitution

  2. White House planning executive action on mass amnesty?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on reports the Obama Administration is planning to issue millions of work permits for illegal immigrants.

  3. Florida State Quarterback faces hearing over alleged assault from 2012

    Attorney Jonna Spilbor and FNC legal analyst Mercedes Colwin on Florida State University’s plans to hold a hearing on the sexual assault allegations against quarterback Jameis Winston and the Sayreville, New Jersey high school football team’s hazing scandal allegations.

  4. Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis defends 'wheel chair ad'

    Texas Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott weighs in on a federal judge striking down state's voter ID law and Democratic opponent Wendy Davis' latest campaign attack ad.

  5. Christian Adams: Eric Holder has left this country more divided

    Former U.S. Department of Justice attorney Christian Adams on Attorney General Eric Holder’s legacy.

  6. Dobbs weighs in on Holder's resignation

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs discusses Attorney General Eric Holder resigning.

  7. White House trying to create racial divide in America?

    WSJ Editorial Board Member Jason Riley on race’s role in White House policies.

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